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  • Elections have been held in the UK, and the Labour Party didn’t do so hot. Basically, they were routed. And it’s looking like Gordon Brown‘s days could be numbered.(Guardian)

  • The Daily Telegraph makes Gordon Brown sound almost Nixonian. “Stalinistic” even. With a touch of Naomi Campbell thrown in: “Charges of paranoia, insensitivity to others, and a volcanic temper are routinely leveled against him. He has been accused of hurling telephones and other objects about, allegedly getting through three mobiles in a week, and it has been reported that switchboard operators in Downing Street complained about the Prime Minister’s outbursts.”
  • Sir Alan Sugar, the big cheese on Mark Burnett’s The Apprentice UK, is now Gordon Brown‘s “enterprise tsar.” (That’s czar to us Americans.) To hear what Sugar has to say about Brown and President Barack Obama, click here to watch our exclusive interview.
  • Susan Boyle is out of the Priory treatment center, and her brother says, “She’s much happier…She’s now beginning to believe that, ‘yes indeed, I will be a singer’.”(BBC)
  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will pay Boyle £30,000 to sing at their wedding anniversary.(Mirror)
  • In his Daily Telegraph column, “Britain’s Got Talons,” Neil McCormick recalls his childhood talent shows and wonders what would have happened if Britain’s Got Talent existed 20 or 30 years ago: “No doubt we would have been queuing up for humiliation at the hands of [Simon] Cowell and co had those shows existed in our era, but fortunately we were able to learn to perform in a safer and more nurturing environment. If you didn’t want to perform, no one tormented you. And if you performed laughably then people laughed with you, encouraging you, supporting you. Those were communal expressions of our innate human talents, the kind of thing people have been doing since the dawn of time.”
  • Widower Jack Tweed spends what would have been Jade Goody‘s 28th birthday at her grave.(Mirror)
  • Rampant nudity and a tribute to the late Goody marked the season premiere of the UK’s Big Brother. Have a look at the contestants, who make up what appears to be Big Brother‘s most diverse cast yet.
  • Fans can buy a lapdance from Little Britain‘s David Walliams.(Chortle)
  • For the first time in EastEnders‘ history, a disabled actor has joined the cast: “Wheelchair-bound David Proud, 26, will play Oxford uni student Adam Best – who stays in Walford with mum Manda during the holidays.”(The Sun)
  • Noel Clarke, Doctor Who‘s Mickey, talks about heading out to Hollywood and becoming the first black British man to win a BAFTA.(The Independent)
  • The Guardian is looking for the best cinemas in all of the UK.
  • Another article on how British theater is “thriving” in the economic downturn.(Telegraph)
  • Kasabian‘s new album grabs four stars from The Independent‘s Andy Gill. He says it’s a “giant stride beyond Empire,” their breakthrough album.
  • UK band The Horrors – who did the great song “She Is The New Thing” – diss Facebook and The Killers, whom they call “a faux band.”(The Independent)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.