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  • Pop star Rachel StevensPrimeval star Hannah Spearritt‘s former S Club 7 bandmate – was robbed upon coming home to her London apartment. A London Metropolitan Police spokesperson says, “It’s believed the woman returned to her flat and was followed in to the premises by three males. The suspects are understood to have threatened her before making off with a quantity of jewelery.” One of the items stolen was her engagement ring, it has been reported. That sucks. If you’re unfamiliar with Stevens’ non-S Club 7 solo work, here are a couple cuts from her 2003 album, Funky Dory (yes, it was actually called that): “Sweet Dreams My LA Ex” and “Some Girls”. And if you like them, buy them on iTunes.

  • Victoria Beckham is a sheer mess in her see-through top.(Daily Mail)
  • The Guardian‘s Ciara Evans says Susan Boyle‘s fame is great visibility for people with learning disabilities.
  • Paris Hilton (!) is handing out style advice to Susan Boyle: “She needs to work on the pose. I think she should come up with something new, since she’s such a huge celebrity now. I suggest getting a stylist. She could look really hot if she just wore some pretty dresses.”(The Sun)
  • Did Thandie Newton snag her dress on some nail? It’s all ripped up. Wait…no, actually, it was made that way. Tacky, Thandie.(Daily Mail)
  • You could break your fingers or lose your hand trying to get Lily Allen tickets.(The Sun)
  • Openly gay Little Britain star Matt Lucas says he’d go straight for Cheryl Cole. Is it because her preying-mantis body has no visible female characteristics?(Mirror)
  • British comedian Alan Carr says Rumer Willis is “a prime example of ‘When Good Genes Go Bad.’ Mum Demi Moore and dad Bruce Willis are gorgeous, but she looks like a butternut squash.”(Mirror)
  • In a piece with The Daily Telegraph, Honor Blackman, Pussy Galore from Goldfinger, says people in debt should have known better. “I’m quite shocked at the people these days who get themselves into such hideous debt. It’s so crass and it’s a fat lot of good bleating ‘but the bank offered me the credit’. You know whether or not you can afford it, so there’s no excuse passing the blame onto someone else.”
  • After his own mother said she was “disgusted” with his comments, Gordon Ramsay has apologized for his insults of Aussie journo Tracy Grimshaw. “I’m deeply, deeply sorry for the hurt that’s been caused,” he said in a television interview, which you can watch here.
  • David Mitchell and Robert Webb decided to trash their new BBC sitcom, Playing Shop, even though the BBC loved it. Mitchell and Webb found it too much like Peep Show. Now, people, that’s artistic integrity.(Chortle)
  • The BBC will allow Sir Alan Sugar to work for Gordon Brown and keep his show, Mark Burnett’s The Apprentice UK.(The Sun)
  • Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson will be among the many high-paid BBC stars to face sizable pay cuts.(Telegraph)
  • The Daily Telegraph notes that Dame Judi Dench does the Telegraph crossword puzzle on the set of the Cranford Christmas special.
  • Is the recession over for the UK?(Telegraph)
  • Wow, they were actually acting!: Tony Robinson, Baldrick on Blackadder, says there was no animosity between him and star Rowan Atkinson, even though their characters didn’t get along: “There was never any bad feeling between Rowan and I. There was bad feeling between the writers and the performers – the writers felt we were unilaterally altering the script and altering it for the worse. At end of the first day of rehearsals the writers would go away and by the time they came back we would have changed an awful lot of it. By the end, they felt we had run away with it. There were quite a lot of emotions flashing around about that.”(Telegraph)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.