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Russell T. Davies and David Tennant talked to the The Times about what they’ve accomplished with their new take on Doctor Who. In short, they made a piece of sci-fi camp into one of the most respected TV dramas of all-time:

RTD: It’s hard to express the joy of that. For 20 years, this thing was a joke. It was slightly embarrassing admitting liking it. In fact, very embarrassing. You’d see comedians taking the piss out of it. It would crop up on I Love the ’60s shows, where they would make it look like rubbish. And to see it being what it always was in our hearts is just amazing. You mentioned it in the same sentence as James Bond. My God, that’s impossible!

DT: The next special has Lindsay Duncan in it. Lindsay Duncan wins Tony awards. This is one of the poshest actors there is.

RTD: That just feels so nice. But I always knew it was this good.

So why did they both decide to depart before the fifth season? Well, they simply wanted to go while everything still felt good, which comes perilously close to the cliché “We wanted to go out on top.” However, we’d cut them some slack because, in their case, it’s actually true:

RTD: …The whole thing never lost its excitement for me. Otherwise I’d have been gone. That’s not why I’m going now. I’m going “in case”.

DT: I would agree with that. I’m going in case it becomes a job. Because it still doesn’t feel like one.

As Tennant mentioned, Lindsay Duncan has been announced for the next special. (The Scottish-born Rome star won her Tony in 2002 for Private Lives, beating out the likes of Laura Linney and Dame Helen Mirren.) But spoilers alert us that she won’t be the only star that will appear on future Doctor Who specials.

Mackenzie Crook – spindly, squirrelly Gareth from The Office – says he still gets accosted by fans all the time in Britain. He tells The Times. “I wear a hat with the peak down when I’m here … it’s odd, I spent four of the past six months in America and I forgot how recognizable I am over here. It’s only very occasionally in America that I get recognized. Here, everyone recognizes me. If you’re in a good mood, you can deal with it. If you’re in a slightly bad mood, it’s really irritating.” Having seen him as Gareth, I’m not sure that’s the type of guy you want to irritate.

Experts agree: Gwyneth Paltrow is a twit. Speaking in response to Paltrow’s claim that shampoo could cause cancer in babies, a British professor of bacteriology told The Daily Telegraph, “It does annoy me when celebrities use their position to spout nonsense. They have a perfect right to their views, even if they are loopy, but they do hold a position of influence. You might as well ask someone on the Underground.” You’d probably get more reliable info as well.

Saffy is looking Sassy: check out Julia Sawalha from AbFab‘s svelte new bod.

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By MacKenzie Wilson