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  • So we knew it would happen sometime: Primeval will be made into a movie. But it’s not clear if the show’s cast – Douglas Henshall, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Lucy Brown, and Juliet Aubrey – will reprise their roles in the film. If Warner Bros. dared to cast Hollywood stars, I offer George Clooney as Cutter. My co-worker wisely suggested Carla Gugino as Helen. Although even they couldn’t bring the unique sizzle that Henshall and Aubrey have together.

  • Juliet Aubrey defends her much-hated character: “I really identify with her. Her main driving force is that human beings are destroying the planet – that’s how I feel. I’m pretty good at making sure everyone turns lights off around the house but I don’t take it as far as she does – I don’t believe that if you don’t recycle you deserve to die! But she’s an eco warrior and intent on saving the planet – she’s a good role model in that sense.” (Digital Spy)
  • Orlando Bloom dresses up like a police officer and still manages to not look butch. (Especially not here.) Whereas Jason Statham makes masculinity look effortless.
  • Report: Amy Winehouse has penned a song about Blake Fielder-Civil‘s alleged “love child.”(The Sun)
  • British artists have increased their share of the American music sales.(BBC)
  • You know who didn’t contribute to that market share? You guessed it: Robbie Williams! What is to become of him since, apparently, Take That won’t have him back?(Guardian)
  • Singer-songwriter Sandi Thom has been told that her missing cat, Tooty, “had been shot by a local person and disposed of along the banks of the West Water in the area,” according to a BBC NEWS report.
  • Marco Pierre White put Dynasty diva Linda Evans in her place on the celebrity version of Hell’s Kitchen. (And if you were wondering what happened to Ms. Dynamite, look no further.)
  • Don’t mention Ralph Fiennes if you’re interviewing Francesca Annis.(Telegraph)
  • Simon Channing Williams, long-time producer of Mike Leigh films, has died at 63 after a long battle with cancer.(Guardian)
  • British writer/comedian Armando Iannucci, director of In the Loop, discusses how he infiltrated the U.S. State Department: “We got into the State Department using this BBC pass. I mean, this pass barely gets you into the BBC. [Editor note: I can vouch for the truth in that.] We’d been told to up to reception and say: ‘BBC, I’m here for the 12:30.’ And we got in. There we were, wandering around the State Department. We took our phones out and started taking photographs so the set designers would have something useful. A part of me thought, this is fun. A part of me thought, this is international espionage, so it might carry a 20-year penalty. A big guy came up to us and said, [menacing voice] ”Scuse me?’ And we said ‘We’re here for the 12:30.'”
  • An Apprentice UK contestant blames her poor behavior on “viral meningitis” in a Daily Mail interview.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.