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  • It appears Jade Goody is barely clinging to life: BBC NEWS reports she was “too ill to receive a visit from Shilpa Shetty” and her “condition deteriorated over the weekend.” The Sun says Jade’s family is holding “vigil at her bedside,” and the paper is even detailing Goody’s funeral plans. And The Mirror is reporting, “Jade Goody’s family were preparing for the worst last night as she drifted in and out of consciousness, no longer able to speak and struggling to breathe.”

  • Philip Glenister is allegedly calling time on Ashes To Ashes. According to The Mirror, if the second season “is as big a hit as the first – which got more than 7 million viewers – he will make a third. But that will be the lot.”
  • This isn’t what we were thinking when we said What Not To Wear‘s Trinny “Ferrigno” Woodall needed to gain some weight. (Daily Mail)
  • The British Soap Award nominees are out.
  • Lily Allen in Glasgow: the devil wears vomit.(MTV)
  • Lily Allen has received restraining orders against two photo agencies.(Guardian)
  • It just goes to show you can’t be too careful: writing in The Guardian, David Mitchell of Mitchell & Webb fame leads a peaceful protest against angry online commenters. “Hard copies of this newspaper which are subsequently used to wrap chips, blow noses, wipe a***s, start fires in major public buildings, or for post-masturbatory clean-up will all end up with more eloquent adornments than many of the comments that are posted online. And unlike the salt, vinegar, snot, or semen, they’re not even biodegradable.”
  • Rupert Everett‘s performance in the Broadway production of Blithe Spirit gets a sterling review from The New York TimesBen Brantley. “Mr. Everett does shallow splendidly, and even finds a few teasing currents of depth in the dapperer-than-thou Charles…Here he brings out the boy in the middle-aged Charles, a childish charmer who expects women to organize his life and indulge his demands. There is always a bit of this petulant creature in Coward’s comic heroes, but Mr. Everett presents it with candid clarity, while never breaking the brittle, bantering rhythms of Cowardspeak.”
  • Pet Shop Boys are interviewed for a Guardian podcast.
  • The Guardian‘s Dave Simpson raves over the latest release from the UK band Doves: “Doves’ new album Kingdom of Rust has been four years in the making. As usual, there have been hints of crisis behind the scenes – family bereavement, domestic and personal upheaval and a struggle to write songs as good as those on 2005’s Some Cities. However, the Cheshire trio have returned with their best-ever album and is surely a contender for album of the year.”
  • Stream Pete Doherty‘s album.(NME)
  • Yusuf Islam, the former Mr. Cat Stevens, is channeling his old persona with his latest album: “I’m back to doing what I do best – painting pictures with music and storytelling on a very human, positive, intuitive level through lyrics and song, so I can help people feel good again. I guess in some ways the new album picks up where the Cat Stevens the public knows left off.”(NME)
  • The reason behind the UK’s alcohol abuse problem? Booze is just too cheap!(Telegraph)
  • What did the Queen think of The Young Victoria?(Telegraph)
  • All hail the 763rd “new Cary Grant“: Clive Owen?(The Times)
  • Slumdog Millionaire‘s success has compelled more British filmmakers to take on India.(The Times)
  • Give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish: Heather Mills has turned a popular fish restaurant into a vegan eatery.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse is shelling out millions for a studio in her new digs.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.