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The Daily Telegraph is stalking President Obama and First Lady Michelle through London using Google Maps. And they have a really snarky live-blog commentary going on as well. Like you just know the writers are mincing about in their cravats as they come up with their little zingers. They like their Obama lightly-roasted…not flamebroiled. Here’s the Telegraph’s play-by-play of the First Couple’s entrée into the UK capital:

19.58 The doors of the plane are open and the stairs attached. No sign of President Obama or his wife yet.

20.03 It’s all smiles as Alistair Darling shakes hands with Obama, and their wives Maggie and Michelle exchange greetings. But it’s a brief hello and the pair are already heading towards Obama’s helicopter. Michelle in a yellow dress and black coat.

20.06 Marine One’s rotors are whirring, ready to take the Obamas to Winfield House, the official residence of the US ambassador which is set in 12 acres of grounds in Regent’s Park. Darling and his wife retreat.

20.10 The helicopter takes off, heading west from Essex to the capital followed by several identical decoy helicopters. Obama has spent less than 20 minutes on British soil so far.

21.24 First sighting of “The Beast”, Obama’s armoured limousine, as he arrives in a convoy of cars at the American School in London, not far from the Ambassador’s residence. Although The Beast can withstand bullets and chemical attacks, he was still with half-a-dozen police motorcycles and a convoy of cars.

Scintillating! If you didn’t realize it the first time they said it, the President arrived in a convoy of cars. Wow, the Leader of the Free World is escorted by a security detail?! How dare he! Shouldn’t he show more modesty in the midst of a global financial crisis?

If this is a taste of the Obamas’ coverage over the next week, we’re in for some entertaining b.s. indeed.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.