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  • New photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been uncovered. “The behind-the-scenes, intimate and unguarded shots, have been unearthed after spending 45 years in a duffel bag of The Beatles and Rolling Stone’s former tour manager,” reports The Daily Telegraph. There’s a rather sexy picture of Ringo Starr holding a gun to his head among the photos.

  • It’s a Beatles reunion! Well, minus the dead ones, of course…(NME)
  • Was President Obama quite rude to British PM Gordon Brown?(Telegraph)
  • Jade Goody‘s publicist Max Clifford says he’ll advise her to remove herself from the spotlight if she continues to succumb to cancer. “My attitude to Jade in recent times is: “Don’t you think enough is enough? Don’t you think you’ve got the message out there?” (Daily Mail)
  • The Daily Mail continues to push their ridiculous vendetta against Kate Winslet: “With her hair pulled back into a scruffy ponytail and her face bare of make-up, Kate Winslet cuts a rather less glamorous image than usual. The actress, who dazzled when she picked up her Oscar last month, was seen out in New York yesterday sporting the au natural look as she bundled-up against the cold. Dressed in a hoodie and coat with jeans and unkempt trainers, the 33-year-old looked in desperate need of a stylist.” Photo at link. Isn’t she just fug?
  • Now that Kate Winslet finally has her Oscar, which star is most overdue for a win? Two words: Emily Watson.
  • Jude Law, seen sans-facial hair for the first time in ages.
  • Michael Jackson will do a series of concerts at London’s O2 Arena this summer. (Telegraph)
  • British ’80s pop band Bucks Fizz are reuniting, but not before undergoing plastic surgery before reality TV cameras.(Daily Mail)
  • Has Madonna gone from wearing ribbons in her hair (circa “Holiday”) to using them to buttress her sagging jowls? A surgeon tells Grazia magazine that he thinks Madonna’s new face is the result of surgery: “[A tube-like device] is tunnelled under the skin and has lots of tiny hooks that attach to the muscle and tissue. We then pull it upwards to lift the whole area. [With Madonna], it doesn’t appear as if the ribbon has dissolved properly. However, she looks to have cleverly covered it with a loose hairstyle at the Oscars party.”(Daily Mail)
  • Rehab report: Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook, has checked in; Kelly Osbourne has checked out.
  • Has Blake Fielder-Civil traded in Amy for a younger model? And when we say “younger,” we mean bobby socks, not stockings.(Mirror)
  • A very surly-looking man has admitted to smashing up Jay Kay‘s hot rod.
  • Danny Boyle may direct Keira Knightley in My Fair Lady, will NOT direct the next Bond film.
  • Rupert Friend more than matches Emily Blunt‘s performance in Young Victoria, according to The Daily Telegraph‘s Tim Robey: “Blunt has a steely enough handle on Victoria; what’s rarer in a female-centered period piece is for the male lead to be not just dashing in his tights, but emotionally commanding, and more than her equal. Friend, as Albert, is this film’s secret weapon – ardent, subtly proud, a little shy, and a man with an intellectual philosophy he intends to preserve. The film glows as it gets to know him, and your resistance, like Victoria’s, melts away.”
  • Her gown may be soaked, but nothing’s gonna rain on Emily Blunt‘s parade as she walks the red carpet for Young Victoria.(Daily Mail)
  • Mark Strong (The Long Firm, Low Winter Sun), who plays a villain in Young Victoria, talks about playing the heavy in Hollywood movies: “I am definitely not a violent person. I love being bad, but I do try to find something in him that makes him likable. Sir John Conroy in The Young Victoria is a disappointed man and he takes it out on others.” Also: has Strong spoiled the ending of Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes movie?
  • Ricky Gervais will change the name of his new movie from The Men from the Pru – short for Prudential – to All the Young Dudes. “It was going to be called The Men From The Pru but the Prudential didn’t like how we portrayed them. So we’ve got to change the title.”(The Sun)

  • Mark Wright of The Stage likes Law & Order UK:”It’s a show with a decent 13 episode run that an audience can get their teeth into, and on the evidence of the first two episodes, barely puts a foot wrong. Good casting, tangible storylines (hello Waking the Dead and Taggart) and an economic filming style. It’s a perfect line and length drama series for a Monday night.”
  • The Guardian has an exclusive clip of In the Loop, the big screen spinoff of The Thick of It featuring James Gandolfini.
  • The Fratellis admit their first album’s success was “a fluke”: Baz Fratelli says, “It’s amazing when you start thinking selling millions of records is normal. When you find the second time around it’s not like that, it starts to kick in.”(Daily Record)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.