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  • Jade Goody doesn’t only have to fight cancer – she has to fight crazies like the lady who slipped into her hospital room “brandishing a hammer.” Jade’s publicist says, “She woke up to find this woman leaning over her. She was not hurt but was very shaken up, as you can imagine.” The perp was arrested but later released.(The Times)

  • I don’t know which is more frightening: seeing a woman with a hammer at your bedside or seeing Michael Jackson there. I personally have more nightmares about the latter.(The Scotsman)
  • Is Hannah Murray – Cassie from Skins – about to be announced as the new Doctor Who sidekick? Wow.
  • Amy Winehouse has been banned from entering the States because of that assault arrest last week. She was to attend April’s Coachella.(E!)
  • But she does get to perform alongside Paul Weller and Cat Stevens.(NME)
  • She’d also make a good Rizzo in a Grease revival.(Daily Mail)
  • With Winehouse out of the way, maybe Sugababes can finally take a shot at the U.S.(Mirror)
  • Victoria Beckham lets the girls out to play while on a dinner date with hubby David.(Daily Mail)
  • Peter Andre and Jordan can go jogging totally unmolested here in the States – because no one here knows or cares who they are. Although they might attract attention from alien spotters or hunters with poor vision.(The Sun)
  • What’s with Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ skin? First, there was Bronzergate, and now it looks like the Exxon Valdez took a dump on her face.(The Sun)
  • Joss Stone hags it up to play Henry VIII’s “frumpy” wife Anne of Cleves on The Tudors.(The Sun)

  • Prince Harry is reportedly dating a “Chelsy Davy lookalike” a.k.a. a blonde.(Daily Mail)
  • Marianne Faithfull outs Kate Moss as a vampire.(Mirror)
  • Now I want to go to Glastonbury…Neil Young AND Bruce Springsteen AND the Blur reunion will be there. It’s not fair!(Guardian)
  • Dave Rowntree says he’s fully committed to the Blur reunion, despite articles that imply otherwise.
  • Ella Edmondson, Jennifer Saunders‘ daughter with husband Adrian Edmondson, is the latest “It girl” folk singer. And Papa is managing Ella’s career. “I think she is really talented and it would be an awful waste of life not to explore that,” says Young Ones star Adrian told The Daily Telegraph. “Part of her fear was the way people in pop music can become casualties very quickly. And not just drumheads and alcoholics, but just the kind of relentless, everyday schedule that takes over life. But I knew the folk scene a little bit and I could see there was another way of doing things, where you can have fun, and have a life, and probably a better, nicer, longer and less bitter life than most pop stars.”
  • The British press – or, more specifically, The Daily Telegraph – continues to be quite nasty about President Obama‘s snub of Prime Minister Brown. Hey, at least our leader is actually concerned over what matters – the economy.
  • The Times has Will Young, who discusses turning 30, coming out of the closet, being OCD, and almost finding God.
  • Gavin & Stacey stars Mathew Horne and James Corden talk about their friendship, their new film and TV projects, and resentment from other comedians who feel they’ve “come too far too soon, and haven’t paid their dues.” “It’s not my fault I’ve got a BAFTA,” Corden tells The Times. “No, sorry, I didn’t mean that…I meant BAFTAs.”
  • The TimesAA Gill disses Sean Bean‘s performance in Red Riding: “A latterday Stanley Baker, but without the breadth. Bean is a performer who has all the dramatic range of a tiddlywink, albeit a very angry tiddlywink.” As for the rest of the series, Gill says, “The feel was matt noir, a cross between The Night of the Hunter and Get Carter, but the setting and the style were so mordant and heavy that they smothered the plot. The only suspense was from the creeping realization that the story really was this unsophisticated.”
  • Helena Bonham Carter will play children’s author Enid Blyton (The Famous Five) in a BBC biopic that will also star Matthew Macfadyen.(The Stage)
  • That pack of British celebs finally reached the peak of Kilimanjaro.(The Sun)
  • Is this “official” portrait of William Shakespeare real?(BBC)
  • Several EastEnders cast members attended Wendy Richard‘s funeral earlier today.(BBC)
  • The Oliviers – Britain’s answer to the Tonys – were handed out yesterday, and Black Watch, a piece about the Iraq war, won Best New Play. Margaret Tyzack won Best Actress for The Chalk Garden, Sir Derek Jacobi won Best Actor for his performance in Twelfth Night, and Patrick Stewart won Best Supporting Performance for playing Claudius in Hamlet.(Guardian)
  • The Stage‘s Mark Shenton gives his take on the Oliviers and directs us to video of the ceremony.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.