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  • It seems actor Laurence Fox, Billie Piper‘s husband, went through a bit of a post-partum funk after their son was born: “I went through really odd feelings such as ‘Do I even want this baby?’ At one point I wanted to go out and set fire to all my possessions. Very odd.” In that interview, Fox did go on to say things finally “clicked,” but, this dude is courageous nonetheless. Maybe a bit too honest, but I suspect more new fathers have these feelings than we might think. Oprah should do a show about it.(Daily Mail)

  • Photos from Natasha Richardson‘s funeral have been released.(Daily Mail)
  • Jade Goody‘s funeral will be televised.(Guardian)
  • Stephen Fry calls Jade “a Princess Diana from the wrong side of the tracks.”(Daily Mail)

  • The Guardian‘s Lucy Mangan previews the next chapter of Goody’s saga: “Her seven years in the public eye played out in the manner of a modern morality tale and now her narrative arc is complete. There are doubtless ugly codas to come – the fortune intended to pay for the education of her sons is not likely to be uncontested for one – but it is to be hoped that after a life that was, save for a few blessed stretches, mostly full of strife, Jade Goody is at peace and beyond the reach of scrutiny now.”
  • Jordan pays tribute to Jade.(Mirror)
  • The Daily Telegraph went behind the scenes of Quantum of Solace last year and has published some photos. There’s a nice shot of Daniel Craig‘s bare feet; I don’t have a foot fetish, but that guy has some sweet, masculine feet with sinuously high arches. And there’s a snap of a naked Gemma Arterton covered in “crude oil.” Delicious!
  • Does Doctor Who repeat itself too much?(io9)
  • Get your Stig Helmet Alarm Clock!(Ubergizmo)
  • Was the Stig spotted in Top Gear‘s offices by Google Street View? Yes, he (or she) was.(Jalopnik)
  • LMAO: Ricky Gervais so “hit it off” with Elmo that they want to do a show together.(The Sun)
  • Michael Sheen got his ability to mimic famous people from his father – a Jack Nicholson impersonator.(Daily Mail)
  • Rupert Friend and Michelle Pfeiffer fail to steam up the screen in Cheri, according to Variety. Friend “lacks enough backgrounding and sufficient onscreen chemistry with Pfeiffer for the romance to drive the picture.”
  • The Guardian previews springtime in British entertainment.
  • The producers of the US version of Life On Mars explain how they’ll be ending their now-cancelled series.(Variety)
  • Are British film producers being left behind because they won’t make films in other countries?(Telegraph)
  • John Cleese, Connie Booth, Andrew Sachs, and Prunella Scales will reunited for Fawlty Towers: Re-opened, a documentary of the making of the classic sitcom. It’s said to feature “the first interview with Connie Booth in over 20 years.”(The Stage)
  • Andrew Sachs (Manuel) has joined the cast of Coronation Street.(The Sun)
  • Cleese is getting the “Recession Special” discount on his divorce payments.(Mirror)
  • HollyoaksJames Sutton – who played John Paul McQueen on the UK teen soap – will join the cast of Emmerdale as “vengeful mechanic” Ryan Lamb.(The Sun)
  • Natasha Bedingfield has gotten hitched.(The Sun)
  • Amy Winehouse tried to make a reggae album, her label said “No, no, no.”(The Sun)
  • Kate Moss‘ boyfriend might put a ring on it.(News of the World)
  • Mark Ronson kisses his girlfriend, Tennessee Thomas (!), against a lovely backdrop.(Daily Mail)
  • Mark Ronson is producing the next Duran Duran album. Seriously, if Timbaland and Justin Timberlake can’t make these dinosaurs relevant again, Mark Ronson’s not gonna cut it.(Digital Spy)
  • The BFI has awarded Ridley Scott a fellowship.(Variety)
  • Here’s a band reunion that is happening: Spandau Ballet. C’mon, don’t look so disappointed.(Digital Spy)
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By Kevin Wicks
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