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  • Victoria Beckham isn’t just hanging by a thread, she is the thread; is it due to hubby David Beckham being shipped off to Italy? I say she should go with him: she could use the carbs.(Daily Mail)

  • People just can’t stop wishin’ and hopin’ and speculatin’: The Daily Telegraph‘s Michael Deacon makes the case for Rhys Ifans as The Doctor. He also makes the case against both David Morrissey (“His default facial expression makes him seem a bit too dour, nervy, even unsure of himself.”) and Paterson Joseph (“I find it so difficult to believe in him as anyone other than Johnson, his wonderfully absurd character in Peep Show“).
  • Now I know where I’m not visiting when I next go to the UK: the full membership of the racist, far-right British National Party has been leaked online, and The Guardian has a fine interactive map that pinpoints the British boroughs that are BNP hotspots. Be sure to avoid the boroughs of Halifax, Barnsley East and Mexborough, Burnley, Blackpool South, and Ashfield. And you’d sure as hell better stay out of Pendle, Morley and Rothwell, and Charnwood. As for the fallout from the list’s publication, some workers could find themselves on the unemployment line when their bosses find out about their extracurricular activities. A British radio DJ has already been fired for his links to the BNP.
  • Did Leona Lewis‘ record company screw her out of a No. 1 single? (NME)
  • Chris Martin says Coldplay will disband before the end of 2009. “I’m 31 now and I don’t think that bands should keep going past 33,” he said. “So, we’re trying to pack in as much as possible. Up until the end of next year, we’ll just go for it in every sense.” 33 years old is the end, huh? I take this as proof positive that Chris Martin really does believe he is Jesus.(NME)
  • John Barrowman admits he fantasizes about Take That singer Gary Barlow, who wrote his single, “What About Us?” “I have a fantasy involving Gary Barlow, an elevator, and a lot of other things.”(Digital Spy)
  • An Air Canada flight attendant had to help land a Heathrow-bound plane in Ireland after the co-pilot had a nervous breakdown mid-flight and had to be handcuffed. (Guardian)
  • Winona Ryder has been hospitalized after “requiring medical attention” on a Heathrow-bound flight.(Telegraph)
  • Kristin Scott Thomas (I’ve Loved You So Long), Sally Hawkins (Happy Go Lucky), and Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road) could make next year’s Best Actress Oscar race a British affair.(BBC)
  • In a new Vegas burlesque show, Mel B. will play Peep Diva, a “bold, sexy icon of female empowerment” who will lead Bo Peep (played by Kelly Monaco) on a “search for love.”(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.