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  • Nicholas Hoult has nabbed his first major post-Skins role in designer Tom Ford‘s directorial debut, A Single Man. Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, and Julianne Moore have already been cast. The Sun reports, “Nic will take on the role of Kenny, a student who takes an interest in his gay professor after he loses his same-sex partner of 16 years.”

  • BBC’s excellent Writersroom site does a lengthy, must-read interview with Russell T. Davies on his craft. And if you’re a screenwriter, don’t miss Davies’ comments on Page 7, where he talks in-depth about the “do’s and don’ts.” For example, he says, “I never use adverbs in stage directions. I think if you say ‘quickly’, that’s a posh way of saying ‘fast’. You should say ‘fast’ in a script, because it’s a faster word than ‘quickly’. I know that sounds daft but I literally sit there doing that with my scripts, honing them.”
  • The Stage‘s Liz Thomas argues against Billie Piper being the next Doctor. “Piper, 26, has taken a career break following the birth of her first child last month. Frankly, I think she is overrated, but I do feel the only reason she shouldn’t be considered for the role is that she is hugely annoying, with a limited acting range.”
  • Torchwood‘s John Barrowman is one of this year’s Out 100 honorees.
  • Primeval‘s Andrew-Lee Potts reveals a spoiler for next season about Connor and Abby (highlight to reveal): “They continue on their very rocky road of a relationship. Connor has a lot of dramatic changes. He gets put in a higher position. That starts to show Abby that this man has grown up. At the end of the day, he’s a complete accidental hero. He has a big emotional arc that kind of changes his view on things, but he will never be really cool. I will give you this tidbit: Through some freak incident, Connor ends up living with Lester, so I have to live with my boss.” (TV Guide)
  • Crazy Amy Winehouse is back, right on time for her husband’s release from prison. Last night, The Sun reports, “her first wild act was to hit a snapper outside of her house after shouting ‘who wants some?’ as she left her Camden pad on the way to a London clinic.” Later, she “passed out in her cab ride home shortly before flashing her chest at waiting paps.”
  • Amy Winehouse‘s no-longer-incarcerated husband compares himself to our new president-elect. “It’s a welcome to the free world for me and Barack Obama. I heard about the US election on the car radio – it’s got to be good news.” (The Sun)
  • British author Toby Young is still losing friends and alienating people. Why? Cuz he’s an idiot: “[Am] I the only person in the world who’s noticed that Barak [sic] Obama isn’t black? Slaves were black. Barak [sic] Oboma [sic] isn’t descended from slaves. He was born in Hawaii and raised by two white people.” Um, if I tried to figure where to begin to unravel such nonsense, I fear I’d start hemorrhaging from every orifice, so moving on….
  • Brits, you may be rid of Gwyneth Paltrow soon enough, and you will have Madonna to thank. Who knew Madge was good for something these days?(The Sun)
  • Kate Beckinsale lounges in her knickers for an Elle magazine photoshoot.(The Sun)
  • It pays being Simon Cowell‘s ex-girlfriend.(The Sun)
  • Another Sean Bean interview. As if there could be too many.(Mirror)
  • The Guardian‘s Paul Moody says Newsnight‘s Jeremy Paxman “condescended” to his election night guest, rapper Dizzee Rascal.
  • Ginger Baker, drummer for the legendary ’60s band Cream, plans to drop trou in court to prove that he didn’t have sex with a woman who is suing him. “I’ve a scar that only a woman who had a thing with me would know. It’s there and she doesn’t know it’s there. I’m quite prepared to strip. It may well come down to it,”(Telegraph)
  • Don’t get your hopes up just yet, but Damon Albarn says a Blur reunion may happen. “The truth be known, Graham [Coxon] and I have been hanging out together a bit. We had lunch the other day. It’s very possible I’ll go back to Blur, it really is very possible.”(Guardian)
  • Edwyn Collins and his ’80s band Orange Juice have gotten back together, reports NME. Orange Juice is best known for their funky dance-rock classic, “Rip It Up”.
  • Thom Yorke has remixed his solo hit, “Harrowdown Hill,” in celebration of Barack Obama’s presidential win.(NME)
  • Vote for The Guardian‘s First Album Award.
  • Adele says fame has killed her love life. (The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.