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  • Should David and Victoria be worried? Buzz-wise, racing champ Lewis Hamilton and Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger are already giving the Beckhams a run for their money. And rumors are flying that the couple are engaged.(Digital Spy)

  • Osoblog says Hamilton and Scherzinger aren’t there yet, style-wise. “Has anyone actually told Lewis Hamilton that he’s a billionaire world racing champion with a popstar girlfriend? If you can see past the glare of those whiter-than-white trainers to his beige ensemble, the answer is clearly: no.”
  • London just got a little less safe: Amy Winehouse‘s husband is out of jail.(The Sun)

  • No one wants to believe this more than me: a Universal record exec says Amy Winehouse‘s new material is “sensational.”(BBC)
  • The TimesRussell Jenkins got a seat in Johnny Marr‘s first university lecture. “Perhaps true to the Smiths’ musical mood, though, the latest riff from the man introduced as ‘Professor Johnny Marr’ was not entirely upbeat. Standing behind a lectern, he told the audience packed into the university’s Maxwell Hall – once the scene of a triumphant Smiths gig – that the great innovators of pop music were all ‘outsiders’.”
  • The fabulous John Simm, who stars in Peter Flannery‘s latest miniseries, The Devil’s Whore, says he prefers doing TV to film: “Deep down, I know that good telly – and I do believe we do it well here – is much, much better than film, because you have that time to build a story up and up until it reaches breaking point. I am obsessed by good writing; it is that, more than anything, that draws me to a project, and you don’t get better than the writers I’ve worked with. As a rule, the film scripts I get sent are such sh** that you’d have to pay me twice the ludicrous sums they are offering in the first place to be in them.”(Telegraph)
  • The Evening Standard Theatre Award nominations have been announced. The Best Actor category sees Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Spacey, Simon Russell Beale, and Chiwetel Ejiofor vying for a win.(The Stage)
  • The Kinks are now working the, well *you know*, out of their reunion.(BBC)
  • There were rumors Dannii Minogue was being dumped from X Factor. Now comes rumors that she’s being dumped by the contestants she’s mentoring. The parties involved have issued denials.(BBC)
  • British Sea Power will record a soundtrack to a 74-year-old Robert Flaherty film.(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.