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  • Is Catherine Zeta-Jones auditioning for an Al Jolson biopic or did she forget her mirror when applying her bronzer? Lord ha’mercy.(Daily Mail)

  • A gold statue of Kate Moss in a gynecologically-revealing yoga pose has been revealed at the British Museum in London.(BBC)
  • Peter Hook says that New Order was an “empty shell” before they split, but he seems to open a door for reconciliation. “Sometimes you wonder what you were arguing about.”(NME)
  • Rick Astley rickrolls his way to a nomination for Best Act Ever at the MTV Europe Music Awards.(BBC)
  • The TimesPete Paphides agrees with Alan McGee about Oasis‘ new album, Dig Out Your Soul – calls it their best album since the mid-’90s heyday.
  • Simon Cowell sent the X Factor finalists to get their teeth whitened.(Daily Record)
  • Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody tells BBC NEWS that he and bandmates all took music lessons “to meet our ambitions. We wanted to be better as a band and as individuals. Everybody learned to play their instruments a lot better and it’s really paid off because we were that much sharper and that much better.” Lightbody also rubbished claims he’s a drunk: “Those quotes were taken from an old interview I did with Q magazine 18 months ago. And even that interview was about a time in my life when I was 26, 27, and out of control.”
  • A man is being for prosecuted for writing a fan fiction titled “Girls (Scream) Aloud” that depicts “the rape, murder, and mutilation of the members of Girls Aloud.”(NME)
  • Do you prefer classic Doctor Who or modern Doctor Who? Take The Guardian‘s poll.
  • Gordon Ramsay‘s company could face court for not filing their business accounts.(Telegraph)
  • Gavin & Stacey‘s Ruth Jones is promoting library use in her hometown of Barry, Wales. “I think because I started going to the library from a very young age – my mum and dad always encouraged us to use the library – it engendered in me a love of literature certainly which then, I guess, got me thinking creatively.”(BBC)
  • Peter Andre took to the airwaves to say he and wife Jordan aren’t splitting up.(The Sun)
  • The BBC is launching a Hollyoaks competitor called Mirror, Mirror, set in a beauty school in Manchester. A producer says: “Tonally it is influenced by American teen drama. It is glossier and faster paced than traditional UK rivals and we are taking risks with the structure with lots of jumpcuts, flashbacks, and fantasy sequences.” Wow, that might have sounded innovative in 1988, not 2008.(The Sun)
  • Russell Brand says he’ll be “all over” Dame Helen Mirren when they film their screen version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.(Mirror)
  • Comedian Lenny Henry will be play Othello in his stage debut. Way to start slowly there, Mr. Henry.(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.