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  • Someone on trial for chaining an escort to a wall might want to sit this one out, but not Boy George. Our man will speak his mind. On Amy Winehouse: “That’s the tragedy; she’s wonderful and she makes it look effortless. Imagine what she’d be like at full capacity. I know that when you’re in that state, you’re not appreciating all the amazing things happening to you.” On Madonna: “I admire that she’s never become a drug or alcohol addict. Her tenacity. It would be fascinating to discover what is real, her heart. I’ve heard she can be cruel. I wonder what it would take to stop that behavior.” On George Michael: “In the past he’s messed up and I’ve laughed. But getting arrested is the worst thing in the world. “(The Times)

  • After their shambolic attempt at a Bond theme, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson will reunite for a Quincy Jones tribute album.(NME)
  • The Futon Critic sits down with Josh Appelbaum, the executive producer of the Life On Mars remake. He talks about some of the stuff he cribbed from the original: “There were just some that were so f**king good that we couldn’t not adapt. Remember the whole thing about 2 o’clock – where they’re going to pull the plug on him at 2 and there’s a hostage crisis where they’re going to kill someone at 2 and that’s our episode six. It’s like how are you not doing that one? It’s the best teaser of all time.” By the way, there’s a Life On Mars marathon on BBC AMERICA this Sunday starting at 1 pm et.
  • Mark Gatiss, League of Gentleman star and Doctor Who writer, has written a drama titled Crooked House. The Stage reports that “it is understood it will focus on the people who live in the house over the years and the effect the curse has on them.” Green Wing‘s Julian Rhind-Tutt is rumored to star.
  • Den of Geek‘s David Semple argues that Doctor Who is best when it’s twenty years behind the times. “In order to reach a mainstream family audience, Doctor Who needs to incorporate a touch of the old. How old? I would argue twenty years…give or take a year or two. To prove my point, let’s have a look at the very beginnings of Who – what’s it all about? Well the first story to get ratings that topped ten million was The Daleks – and that’s about the Nazis. Evil dehumanized fascists on a mission to crush the lesser races – it may have spoken to a 60s audience about their fears of mechanization and the Cold War, but to a large extent, it’s about the events of twenty years earlier.”
  • The BBC is bringing sci-fi back to radio in a big way. “The demand is clearly there. When BBC TV’s Torchwood slipped onto Radio 4 as part of the station’s Big Bang Day, it instantly became the Corporation’s most downloaded program.”(The Stage)
  • Will Beckett tries to get the Budweiser-drinking Gordon Ramsay to sample some good beer.(Guardian)
  • Wait…Gordon Ramsay is casting for Hell’s Kitchen on Craigslist?(NYMag)
  • Graham Norton answers the dazed and the confused in his Telegraph advice column, Pillowtalk.
  • Jamie Oliver has been accused of ridiculing Yorkshire people and working class mothers in his new program, Ministry of Food.
  • Alex James, Blur bassist and host of Cocaine Diaries, has named a cheese “Blue Monday” after the New Order classic.(Guardian)
  • Eddie Izzard will bring his show Stripped to London’s West End.(The Stage)
  • Sir Paul McCartney‘s Fireman wouldn’t pee on Heather Mills if she were ablaze. (The Sun)
  • Ronnie Wood is rumored to be consulting divorce lawyers.(The Sun)
  • Carl Barat‘s band, Dirty Pretty Things, has broken up, and Pete Doherty dedicated a song to his former bandmate. Libertines reunion, anyone?!(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.