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  • Years after Roseanne Barr and Carrie Fisher tried and failed, there’s finally going to be an official U.S. version of AbFab, and it’s coming to Fox. Jennifer Saunders will be involved with the new version, and Arrested Development‘s Mitch Hurwitz and Two and a Half Men‘s Eric and Kim Tannenbaum will produce. Saturday Night Live‘s Christine Zander will write the pilot.(Guardian)

  • Minnie Driver has posted her baby photos on…Myspace?(Telegraph)
  • Kate Winslet is set to play fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.(Guardian)
  • Next time a pigeon craps on you, think of it as a gift from God: the Beckhams owe their clear skin to “bird poo.”(Daily Mail)
  • Do Ricky Gervais and the U.S. version of Little Britain show that the UK is ahead of the pop culture curve?(Guardian)
  • Mel B. has been offered nearly $2 million to pose nude for Playboy.(The Sun)
  • It’s a battle of two Z-list celebrities most Americans have never heard of: Jade Goody vs. Jordan. The cancer-stricken Goody tells a magazine: “I know one celebrity thinks it’s disgusting that I’m making money from an illness … but then that same celebrity – alright, Jordan – sells stories on her disabled child. I’ve not said, ‘Give me cancer and I’ll sell a story.’ ” (The Sun)
  • Gerald Butler showed his “O face” on Jay Leno‘s talk show – and The Sun asks “how many women would jump into bed with a man who looks like he’s choking on a chilli pepper at the height of passion?” Well, when they look like Gerard Butler, a girl does make exceptions…
  • Pixie Geldof reveals that she has her late mother Paula Yates‘ signature tattooed on her wrist.(Daily Mail)
  • Cherie Blair got herself one of those crazy treadmill pools you see in computer banner ads.(Daily Mail)
  • Den of Geek has gleaned a few tidbits from the Doctor Who Season 4 DVD box set.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.