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  • Russell T. Davies sure has gotten mouthy lately. In the past few days alone, Doctor Who‘s departing exec producer has revealed several secrets about the show in the press. Highlight the text for the spoiler: Today the news from RTD is that the Doctor is a married man. Yes, Doctor Who’s wife is the archaeologist River Song, the character played by Alex Kingston. It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to Who fans; the show has basically implied as much. Not exactly who I imagined the Timelord going for, but Ms. Kingston’s leonine sex appeal has always eluded me.(Daily Record)

  • The Stage‘s Mark Wright says there’s no effin’ way Russell Tovey is the next Doctor Who – and he suggests Chiwetel Ejiofor.
  • In an interview with IGN, Torchwood star Naoko Mori says that she and Burn Gorman broke the news that Toshiko and Owen were being killed off to the rest of the cast themselves: “That’s something we’ve never talked about, but we decided we would tell John [Barrowman], Eve [Myles], and Gareth [David-Lloyd] ourselves. We were all in tears. Eve was inconsolable. And it was a shock, but it made total sense because it shows that being in Torchwood is a threatening situation and people don’t survive. Otherwise, it’s like no one is really in any danger.”
  • The TimesSathnam Sanghera asks, “Is David Walliams gay?” To which the Little Britain star responds: “I think we should live in a world where it’s not really an issue. There was a famous French film star, massive in the Sixties, a real lady magnet and he was known to be bisexual. Someone said to him, ‘Ooh, you’re rumoured to have sex with men’, and he said, ‘So what if I do?’ That’s kind of cool.”
  • Why do British comedians (save Sacha Baron Cohen) always strike out at the U.S. box office? The Hollywood Reporter fears Ricky Gervais will meet the same fate this weekend with Ghost Town.
  • Life On Mars star Philip Glenister, The Office‘s Mackenzie Crook, and Robin Hood‘s Christian Cooke (little Luke Scarlett) have joined the cast of new series billed as a modern-day Dracula.
  • Top Gear host Richard Hammond will host a British version of ABC’s Wipeout.(Mirror)
  • The Daily Mail claims Russell Brand has “blown it in America” due to his controversial host gig at the MTV VMAs. A source from MTV tells the paper: “Nobody wants to admit they screwed up by hiring Russell. Russell has to be backed publicly. But there’s no way he’ll be hosting the show next year.” Are they kidding? He was their best host in years.
  • Here’s Jack White and Alicia Keys‘ Bond duet, “Another Way To Die.” It sucks. Amy Winehouse would have wowed us.(Stereogum)
  • Sir Ben Kingsley does Minor Threat?(Guardian)
  • Daniel Craig in a sling? A fantasy come true.(Just Jared)
  • Xana-don’t: Kate Middleton tumbles to the ground at the roller disco. Even more shocking: what kind of mess is she wearing?(Daily Mail)
  • First lady Sarah Brown takes in the sights at a charity fashion show. Wonder what old Gordy thinks about Sarah checking out Tyson Beckford‘s package?(Daily Mail)
  • Paul McCartney says that he and new girlfriend Nancy Shevell are “so happy.”(Mirror)
  • Robbie Williams has broken up with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip actress Ayda Field.(Mirror)
  • Powdered wigs, anyone? Two British women were arrested for smuggling cocaine “stuffed inside black socks stitched to the underside of wigs they were wearing.”(Guardian)
  • X Factor‘s Cheryl Cole considered attacking Ashley with wedding ring.”(The Times)
  • Britney Spears “will appear on an episode of X Factor” this December, say insiders.(The Sun)
  • British comedian Jim Davidson, who had been criticized for making homophobic remarks on Hell’s Kitchen, stunned TV host Alan Titschmarsh by declaring “I could be gay. We could have sex and then talk about football.”(Pink News)
  • EastEnders‘ controversial abuse storyline – about an ex-convict seducing his 15-year-old stepdaughter – has sparked major complaints from viewers.(BBC)
  • Noel Gallagher says he’s planning a solo album.(NME)
  • An interview with Brideshead Revisited‘s Ben Whislaw.(The Times)
  • Yes, the UK is getting the fabulous game show, The Hole in the Wall, hosted by Dale Winton.(The Times)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick interviews “Britain’s favorite American rock band,” Kings of Leon.
  • Bear Grylls waves the white flag in his feud with fellow TV survivalist, Ray Mears.(Daily Mail)
  • Yet another Dragons’ Den success story.(Daily Star)
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