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  • Daniel Radcliffe shirtless in EquusThe critics love Daniel Radcliffe in New York.(Telegraph)

  • Could Daniel win a Tony for Equus? (Los Angeles Times)
  • Look at Emma Watson all grown up and glamorous in Vogue Magazine.(The Sun)
  • Did Ricky Gervais‘ performance at the Emmys win him a gig as host of the Oscars?(Guardian)
  • Amy Winehouse is actually already dead; she’s just being propped up by a bottle of Scotch.(The Sun)
  • Simon Pegg tells The Daily Record he doesn’t want to become the typical Hollywood actor: “I think the reason actors become idiots is because you’re treated so well,” he said. “You’re driven everywhere, and you’re put up in really nice places. The actors that turn into idiots are the ones that start believing it’s because they deserve it, not because they’re just not trusted, which is the truth. The truth is, actors are flaky, unreliable, and mostly unstable people, and they need to be mollycoddled at all times. Some might ask for a white teddy in every room, but I think that’s how you become a prat.”
  • For this year’s Olympics, NBC lucked out with the time difference between U.S. and China (i.e. morning swim matches could air in primetime). But how will they handle London in 2012? Jeff Zucker says, “We are incredibly excited [about London]. But the time zone difference for the US is not as beneficial as Asia. That is something we are going to have to deal with.”(Guardian)
  • Sacha Baron Cohen caused mayhem masquerading as his gay designer alter ego, Bruno, on an Italian catwalk.(Daily Mail)
  • Terrorists did NOT kill Sir Paul McCartney in Israel.(Guardian)
  • Paul McCartney’s Beatles repertoire lit up the audience in Tel Aviv. His solo work? Not so much. The TimesJames Hider writes, “For a man six years older than the country in which he was playing, Macca gave an energetic performance, once he found his stride. The start of the show was not promising, with a few blander Beatles pop numbers like You say hello interspersed with some maudlin, instantly forgettable songs from the Wings years. Like Israel, McCartney bears a particularly heavy burden of the past, and he must have noticed how the crowd seized up for many of his solo efforts, only to come alive again once he steered back to favorites penned with John Lennon.”
  • Twiggy, who has written a style guide for older women, says she has a love/hate relationship with her old waif persona: “I hated what I looked like then. She’s like this other person I’ve grown to love because she’s always there. Whatever I do, she pops up, bless her – this funny little face with the spiky eyelashes. I’ve a lot to thank her for.”(Telegraph)
  • Morrissey and Johnny Marr teamed up to coordinate a compilation of Smiths rarities.(NME)
  • Gavin & Stacey‘s Ruth Jones, 42, and her pet tortoise, Tom, 55, will appear together in ads for her Radio Wales show, debuting next month.(BBC)
  • Jones’ co-star, veteran actress Alison Steadman – who is currently onstage doing a dramatic role as a Alzheimer’s-stricken housewife – says she hopes G&S will get a Series Three. “The one thing [creators Ruth Jones and James Corden] don’t want to do is just write it for the sake of it but if the ideas come up, then they will write it. We will do the Christmas special and then we will see.”(Wales Online)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.