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  • David Tennant is reportedly negotiating to star in a Doctor Who movie. The Daily Telegraph‘s Michael Deacon is not looking forward to it.

  • You can now download the special “Big Bang Day” radio episode of Torchwood. It takes place after the deaths of Owen and Toshiko and finds Jack, Gwen, and Ianto teaming up with Martha Jones to face “an unknown force from the darkness.” The writer of today’s Torchwood radio episode talks to The Stage.
  • UK band Elbow won the Mercury Prize for their album, The Seldom Seen Kid. Fellow nominees Radiohead have voiced their approval of the win. The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick says the Mercury committee’s selection was “a safe, conservative choice but it was also the right one.” (Here are some tracks from Elbow’s album for your listening pleasure: “Grounds for Divorce”, “One Day Like This,” and “The Bones Of You.”)
  • The TimesPete Paphides also lauds Elbow’s win: “Having delivered an album of such irrefutable beauty, it was really the only thing that could have happened to them last night.”
  • However, The Guardian‘s Paul Lester isn’t quite as sold on the band: “I find it perplexing that they are seen as purveyors of classy, literate, emotional, grown-up rock while Coldplay are routinely reviled for being pompous, portentous, and angstily adolescent, when really, I find it hard to tell them apart. Both Coldplay and Elbow sound, to me, like they were born the moment they heard Radiohead’s The Bends and have spent the last few years wondering where to take it next…it all sounds very, like I say, grown up, if a little sterile, airless and – pardon me for demanding thrills and spills from rock’n’roll if not innovation and shock-of-the-new – unexciting.”
  • The Russell Brand-hosted VMAs were up 19 percent over last year’s ceremony, which featured Britney Spears‘ infamously shambolic performance.
  • Gordon Ramsay gives tips on cooking meat and fish in The Times.
  • The TimesGiles Coren hopes Wimbledon doesn’t become as tacky as the U.S. Open: “The court was blue! And when they bounced the ball before serving it made this horrible ‘pock, pock, pock’ noise like a postman knocking on the door of a Portakabin. That was when you could hear anything at all, what with the courts apparently having been built in the car park at JFK, so that there was rarely more than a minute’s peace between the passing overhead of each aeroplane.”
  • X Factor winner Leon Jackson has “bulked up at the gym and attempted the rugged, sexy look” to attract the babes like his ripped runner-up, Rhydian.(The Sun)
  • Someone forgot to tell Heather Mills that you can’t just demand a place in The Apprentice finale – you actually have to compete. Needless to say, the former Lady McCartney won’t be appearing on the Donald Trump series.(The Sun)
  • Mika and Katy Perry rough-house together. Imagine if an meteorite hit right at the point: modern music would be much improved.(The Sun)
  • Katy Perry kissed Russell Brand – and liked it, I guess.(Mirror)
  • Has Gerard Butler been snapped up by…Jennifer Aniston?(Mirror)
  • Pete Doherty used to hang out there, so I’m not surprised: Fleas have infested the house Kate Moss shares with boyfriend Jamie Hince. They joked: “She’s used to hangers-on but this is ridiculous.” (Mirror)
  • The full trailer for the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
  • Is homophobia behind the poor radio performance of Adele‘s “Chasing Pavements” in America?(Daily Mail)
  • Idolator is campaigning to have a U.S. network remake the BBC’s Maestro, a celebrity competition to see who can be the best conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra. Yeah, the Brits make some entertaining reality TV, but have UK audiences faced…The HOLE???? Gotta love the Japanese.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.