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  • Footballers Wive$ star Zoe Lucker is “gushing” over her newborn baby Lily Alabama (I’m a Lucker fan so I’m not going to comment on that middle name). She tells Hello!: “The second she was born it was the most natural feeling in the world to want to love and protect her.” She’s engaged to the baby daddy, Jim Herbert. She has no current plans to trade her Caucasian child in for a South Asian. (Daily Mail)

  • Why are those Brits so mean to Sarah Jessica Parker?(Telegraph)
  • Simon Pegg slammed Ricky Gervais on the radio: “He says a lot of things, that man. He said there’d been no good British films since 1950. What an idiot.”(Daily Mail)
  • Madonna incurred a £135,000 penalty when her Wembley show ran overtime. The Guardian‘s Sean Michaels quips, “Serves her right for leaving fans stranded in Wembley after public transport wound down. She could have at least forked out for a few taxis.”
  • David Walliams says he offered Cameron Diaz $10 to spread her legs, which I’m sure is the first time that’s ever happened.(The Sun)
  • British model Paul Sculfor says he and girlfriend Cameron Diaz are just “coasting.” “She has openly said she does not want marriage,” he says.
  • For just 3 cents a day, you can rid the world of saccharine sap: James Blunt says he’ll give up music if people pay him enough. Where’s my checkbook? (The Sun)
  • Clarissa Dickson Wright, the surviving half of the Two Fat Ladies, disagrees with Stephen Fry about the U.S. “I am interested in American politics…but I can’t pretend to understand it. Sarah Palin comes across as completely absurd. I don’t think I could go over there for any length of time. It would be unbearable for me, absolutely unbearable.”(Telegraph)
  • Will Robin Williams, John Cleese, and Rowan Atkinson roast Prince Charles for his 60th birthday?(Telegraph)
  • Comedian AntLast Comic Standing winner and Celebrity Fit Club host – is suing Ant & Dec for using his name in the U.S. “Anthony Kalloniatis says he is already losing work after being confused with the Geordie pair and claims their bid to make it big there could kill his own career. He also alleges that Ant and Dec’s involvement in ‘several scandals involving their television shows’ in Britain will tarnish his ‘valuable reputation’.” (The Sun)
  • Charlotte Church – massively pregnant again.(Daily Mail)
  • Kylie Minogue hits London with Gavin & Stacey‘s Mathew Horne and James Corden.(Mirror)
  • Posh and J. Lo together at last.(Mirror)
  • Is Kate Moss the next Carla Bruni-Sarkozy? She plans to go from modeling to music.(The Sun)
  • McFly have received some very odd gifts from their adoring fans over the years including “cookies that came with a note saying, ‘My pubes are in these cookies.'”(Guardian)
  • Alan McGee is officially “out of his tree,” as the Brits say, writing in The Guardian, “The music world needs Oasis at this moment, a band with more personality and more amusing quips than any British band for at least 10 years. Throughout their history Oasis have captured the pop zeitgeist (and my personal zeitgeist) as a band that combine the best elements of the Beatles and Sex Pistols to emerge as this generation’s Rolling Stones…The Beatles and the Stones released Revolver and Beggar’s Banquet respectively, both were album number seven, and [Oasis’] Dig Out Your Soul is on a par of with both in terms of classic songwriting.” Men have been sectioned for lesser offenses.
  • Does the Brideshead Revisited adaptation work for this generation?(Guardian)
  • It has been the grayest September in the UK in 15 years. And it’s gonna get worse: “Forecasters have dashed any hopes of a late Indian Summer, predicting a wet and windy October ahead.” Care to change those autumn travel plans to London?(Telegraph)
  • Gay kiss alert for EastEnders.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.