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  • Top Gear‘s Stig has received an honorary badge from the Scout Association. 17-year-old Amy Brunson, a Scout from Reading, tells the BBC, “We felt he deserved the badge because he’s taught lots of celebrities to drive safely, and in turn he inspires young people to want to drive safely.” As for the Stig’s identity, Brunson says, “We talked to him for half an hour and he had his helmet and visor down, despite the fact it was 30 degrees. It was off-putting at times because you didn’t know where to look, so we were just looking at his helmet, hoping that his eyes were looking at you as well.” Amy did say, “The Stig is about 6 ft and Caucasian, as at one point he took off his gloves.”

  • Catherine Tate: All that she wants is another baby…
  • David Tennant and Patrick Stewart chat with What’s On Stage? about their returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company to perform Hamlet.
  • Yet another chef is having a go at Gordon Ramsay and his ilk: Herbert Berger says, “I am tired of hearing about bickering among the capital’s chefs in order to raise their profile and celebrity status. It is time for the profession to return to the kitchen and decide between food or fame, or at least fame gained by cooking.”(Daily Mail)
  • io9 makes a three-point argument for letting Simon Pegg write the Star Wars TV show: “Pegg Is A Good Writer,” “Pegg Is A Star Wars Fan,” and “Pegg Is Not George Lucas.”
  • Last item: Lisa Bonet and Gretchen Mol have joined the high-powered cast of ABC’s Life On Mars remake. Harvey Keitel and Michael Imperioli have already signed on.(UPI)
  • Ricky Gervais talks about romancing Téa Leoni in his new movie, Ghost Town. “It’s a bit like those great old Hollywood movies. It reminds me of It’s A Wonderful Life – it’s very sweet.”(The Sun)
  • Sir Paul McCartney has written a love song for his ex, Heather Mills? A source tells The Daily Mail: “What the song shows is that rather than feeling embittered towards Heather, Paul just feels sorry for her.”
  • Maybe this accounts for her sour disposition: Victoria Beckham is “the great-great-great-granddaughter” of one of Karl Marx‘s Communist pals.(Daily Mail)
  • Joss Stone will play of the “homely wife” of Henry VIII on The Tudors. It’s Stone’s first major acting role, according to Yahoo! At least she’s not vain…
  • Jade Goody has been hospitalized with a mystery illness, say reports. Nah, she’s just been beaten about the head by the ugly stick, that’s all.(Digital Spy)
  • The Sienna Miller/Balthazar Getty scandal could hurt her career, says The TimesKevin Maher.
  • Ronnie Wood has allegedly stashed his Russian waitress mistress next to his rehab facility.(The Sun)
  • Kate Moss enjoys a smoke with “aging beefcake” Sylvester Stallone in Ibiza.(The Sun)
  • Mitch Winehouse has parlayed his daughter’s troubles into a cushy gig – he’ll host a radio show for BBC London.(BBC)
  • Plastic surgeons declare Madonna “the ultimate face.” Of what?(Daily Mail)
  • An alleged “collaboration” between Muse and Mike Skinner of The Streets has been leaked on the web. (NME)
  • The BBC will publish a Lonely Planet magazine.(Guardian)

Now for this week’s AFYI….I smell a British invasion. Download the playlist:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.