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  • David Tennant has helped rejuvenate William Shakespeare‘s hometown with his Hamlet.(BBC)

  • The “third season” of Torchwood is looking to be a major event: it will air over five nights on the flagship BBC1, not BBC2, in the UK.(The Sun)
  • Meet “Little Gordon Ramsay”.
  • Angry crowds won’t need effigies when they have the real deal: Jade “Poppadom” Goody will enter the Big Brother house…in India? (BBC)
  • Some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of a location shoot of ABC’s Life On Mars in New York’s Lower East Side.
  • Cheryl Cole has been spotted without her wedding ring at the X Factor launch press conference.(Mirror)
  • Paul McCartney and new love, Nancy Shevell, pose for the paparazzi.(Daily Mail)
  • The cast of the play version of Calendar Girls are “proud to parade” their “wobbly bits.”(Daily Mail)
  • Lovebirds Kerry Norris and Adam Hinton may have put the “sex” back in “Sussex” with their late-night antics, but the only action this engaged couple may be getting from now on is in court: Hinton has served with an injunction banning him from coming (heh) within 100 meters of Norris’ building after he allegedly threatened residents who had complained about their noisy sexscapades. Supposedly, the couple’s late-night rutting didn’t merely disturb her neighbors – it traumatized them: “Norris, who lives in a one bedroom flat, woke up her neighbors and upset children living in the building with the sound of her headboard repeatedly banging against the wall. One woman told magistrates that her young daughter was left suffering nightmares and bed wetting because of what she had heard. Other witnesses described having to take time off work because of the sleepless nights caused by their neighbor. “(Telegraph)
  • The Guardian‘s Ben Child calls Guy Ritchie‘s RockNRolla “a return to his roots” – meaning a return to form, in his mind. Not much comfort for those who thought he was crap to begin with.
  • Doctors have seemingly taken what ever was in Jordan‘s breasts and injected it into her lips. Not cute.(The Sun)
  • Sir Bob Geldof is said to be seething mad over daughter Peaches‘ surprise Vegas wedding.(The Sun)
  • Christian Bale will not face charges for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister.(Mirror)
  • Singing Austrian monks have offered Amy Winehouse a place of refuge.(Guardian)
  • Amy Winehouse is living in a house where somebody DIED. Maybe she’ll die there, too, The Mirror hopes surmises.
  • It feels just like when he wasn’t famous: even Mike Skinner of The Streets is feeling the housing crunch.(The Sun)
  • Gary Glitter has been deported from Vietnam to the UK; he’ll be met by police upon his return.(The Times)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.