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  • Actor Bill Nighy (who won a Golden Globe for BBC AMERICA’s Gideon’s Daughter) and his long-time partner Diana Quick have split after 27 years. They have a 24-year-old daughter. I know a couple of middle-aged women who already have flights booked to London to pick up the pieces.(Digital Spy)

  • Sienna Miller says she’s not a “slut,” no matter what’s currently written all over her London home.(Digital Spy)
  • The third season of Torchwood will feature a single story, “the most ambitious story we’ve ever made,” writer Russell T. Davies says.(BBC)
  • Salman Rushdie has received an apology in court from the former bodyguard who made false claims in a book alleging that the Booker Prize-winning author was “unhygienic,” “suicidal,” and “unprofessional,” and that he was once locked in a cupboard by his security officers. Quite an imagination on that bodyguard: he should have started a writing career long ago.(Guardian)
  • Jeremy Paxman has been rightfully laughed at for his silly remarks that “white middle-class men” are the “worst thing you can be” in the TV industry. Rod Liddle, former BBC Radio 4 editor, says, “It is clear – his name deserves to be written alongside other fearless campaigners for equality: Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Jeremy Paxman.”(Telegraph)
  • Radio 4 presenter Mariella Frostrup (read her profile) says, “[Mr. Paxman] lists five women because he couldn’t possibly name all the men in positions of power in TV because he would be there all bloody day,” she said. “It seems to me that TV is a fantastic place for middle-class white males. They are very much judged to be the people imbued with a sort of gravitas that women are still struggling to achieve.”(The Independent)
  • The Guardian‘s Jane Martinson says, “Women fill 10 of the 35 most senior positions at [the BBC], with just four sitting on the 15-strong executive board. Given that women make up half of the BBC workforce, that hardly suggests dominance. We have never had a female director general. When it comes to non-white executives, the figures are even worse. Women hold 37% of the top 750 senior management roles, but just 5% of these jobs go to ethnic minorities, who make up 11% of the total workforce. Speak to many of those lower down the ladder and the BBC appears as ‘hideously white’ as it was seven years ago when [former BBC director-general] Greg Dyke coined the phrase.”
  • An entrepreneur who rejected offers from the Dragons’ Den tycoons has become a worldwide success, according to The Daily Mail. James Halliburton was offered investment cash for his Waterbuoy, a key chain attachment that keeps keys from sinking in water. But he decided to “go it alone” and has stocked the gadget in stores around the globe.
  • Is the new Channel 4 drama Stacked a Scottish version of Skins? The Daily Record has seen the show and says, “In the pilot episode, to be screened on Channel 4 tomorrow, a 16-year old gets a boob job while her sister, 14, flashes her knickers to passers-by and swigs vodka in the back of a bus.”
  • Get Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for a tasty herb omelette.
  • Arctic Monkeys have hired Josh Homme of the Queens of the Stone Age to produce some tracks for them.(BBC)
  • The Cribs are releasing a single with Johnny Marr this year.(NME)
  • X Factor judge Louis Walsh picks up the Dannii Minogue hate where Sharon Osbourne left off.(Daily Mail)
  • Playwright David Hare criticizes the BBC for neglecting the theater.(The Times)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.