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  • At Comic Con, John Barrowman revealed that he’s “in talks” to play Captain America. Superhero Hype reports, “He smiled and gave the stock answer that he’d love to play the character and that Captain America has always been his favorite comic book superhero. Clearly, though, the notion did not take him by surprise and he ended up admitting there had been discussions with his agents and meetings on that very issue.” The film will hit theaters in May 2011.

  • More revelations from the Doctor Who Comic Con session.(io9)
  • Has Freema Agyeman ditched Torchwood for a role on the UK Law & Order? A source tells The Sun: “This has really mucked things about. We’ve had to go back and re-edit loads of scripts because she’s not going to be in it.”
  • Harvey Keitel as Gene Hunt on Life On Mars? (
  • Sexual terrorist Russell Brand will host the MTV VMA’s. In America. (BBC)
  • Top Gear‘s James May says: every woman, every man, join the caravan of love… (Telegraph)
  • Samantha Morton will direct a project close to her heart: she’ll helm Channel 4’s The Unloved, which is “about a young girl growing up in a UK children’s home,” according to Digital Spy.
  • Author Toby Young – who’ll be played by Simon Pegg in an adaptation of his memoir How To Lose Friends and Alienate People – talks to The Daily Mail. “I certainly am a bit of an idiot when it comes to grasping the intricate social rules of any situation. [But] I’m not a quitter. Even though I have these natural disadvantages, I’m going to keep trying. I’m the Eddie the Eagle of the journalistic world. This is a character the British warm to.”
  • Here are the nominees for the 2008 Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize. It’s between “Song 4 Mutya” and “Valerie” for me.
  • Blur drummer Dave Rowntree lost his race to become a London council member.(BBC)
  • While big sis Peaches is busy OD’ing, little Pixie Geldof is launching her own fashion line. At 17.(Digital Spy)
  • The Rolling Stones had been rumored to be leaving EMI for some time, and now it’s official: they are going to Universal.(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.