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Back in 2007, before he was announced as the new head writer for Doctor Who, writer-producer Steven Moffat sat down and talked with about his previous TV creation, Jekyll (starring James Nesbitt). The interview has some real insights into the method to Moffat’s madness and his philosophy on sci-fi.

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  • Steven Moffat‘s biggest challenge as head writer on Doctor Who: coming up with new monsters. “With Davros, the Daleks, The Master, the Sontarans, Autons, and Cybermen out already, the show’s long heritage doesn’t have a box office villain of that might remaining to pull out from the archives. Sure, there are some great foes that could and should be happily re-explored, from the Ice Warriors and the Rastan Robot, through to even the Silurians and – if you were feeling brave – the Rani. But none of these have the proven attraction and track record as the aforementioned A-list of foes.”

  • Is Steven Moffat‘s writing overrated? Nivair H. Gabriel over at Gawker’s io9 blog responds to Russell T. Davies‘ claim that he “doesn’t touch a word” when Moffat scripts an episode. “Not one word, Russell? Seriously? Trust me – if you really can’t find a single problem with Moffat’s work, I don’t think that you’re doing your job as showrunner. Sure, Moffat kicked ass with ‘The Empty Child’ and ‘The Doctor Dances,’ but his episode contributions have been going steadily downhill from there.” I don’t think most Who fans would agree.
  • Russell T. Davies is writing a book about how he developed Series Four of Doctor Who.(Mirror)
  • David Morrissey, Ripley from Viva Blackpool, is so “certain” to replace David Tennant on Doctor Who that bookies have stopped taking bets.(Digital Spy)
  • Watch a 21-year-old David Tennant audition for his first big TV role.(Daily Record)
  • Diana Rigg is still feisty as ever at 70, and she’s definitely not living in the past: “All these old images of me floating across the screen, the terrible chasm of what you were and what you are. I know who I am, but these people who see me as I was then don’t. There is always one thing that turns you into an icon, an iconic image, in my case a catsuit. But the icon 40 years later doesn’t really want to know because it’s not relevant to me. Some of those early photographs of me might as well be sepia. It’s always thought that I disclaim television and am too theatre, but the truth is The Avengers bores me now. I was grateful because it catapulted me into stage stardom. It was good. I’m not ashamed of it. But I only did it for two years.'”(Telegraph)
  • The guys behind Life On Mars are back with Bonekickers, a sort of “English Indiana Jones.”(The Times)
  • Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson are angling for acting roles on their favorite Welsh-com, Gavin and Stacey.(Mirror)
  • Gavin and Stacey star James Corden explains why he snogged Daniel Radcliffe at a theater award ceremony back in February. “If you spent enough time with Dan, you can’t help but kiss him on the mouth. It’s a fact. There’s something magical about him, which is I imagine why he got the part [of Harry Potter], where he just draws you in. There were no tongues involved in that kiss. But, we both enjoyed it very much.”(AfterElton)
  • Photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!(Just Jared)
  • Kim Cattrall could be an Emmy contender for her role as Rudyard Kipling’s wife (and mom to Daniel Radcliffe) in the PBS drama, My Boy Jack. She talks to The Envelope about it, and she also mentions her role in the HBO remake of Joanna Lumley‘s sitcom, Sensitive Skin. “They are writing the script right now and, hopefully, by the end of August and early September we will have the cast together. I miss being on TV. I love doing theater and I love doing the films, but I missed that family that television gives you. I think that is why I really felt that this was the best move for me to make.”
  • Following in Jeremy Clarkson‘s treadmarks, actor Jude Law has been photographed driving while on his cell phone.(Telegraph)
  • Is 20-year-old supermodel Lily Cole dating Jude Law or is she stepping out with 62-year-old Bryan Ferry?(Telegraph)
  • Guess who Ricky Gervais was mistaken for while in L.A. Just guess.
  • Victoria Beckham‘s plane was almost taken down by a bird.(Digital Spy)
  • Amy Winehouse has allegedly punched another guy. Yawn. Love her to pieces, but wake me when she’s dead, in jail, has divorced her loser of a husband, or has another album out.(NME)
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