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  • Up-and-coming culinary star Marcus Wareing has hit out at his former mentor, chef Gordon Ramsay. Wareing, who was once a sous chef at Ramsay’s Aubergine restaurant, told Waitrose Food Illustrated, “If I never speak to that guy again in my life it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Wouldn’t give a —-. I admire Gordon. I learned a lot from him. But would I lose any sleep knowing he wouldn’t be there? No chance.” Unfortunate choice of words, considering that Gordon Ramsay nearly drowned recently during filming of The F Word.

  • Filming of Russell Crowe‘s Nottingham has been pushed back to spring 2009, reportedly due to the looming actors’ strike and script and location issues.(BBC)
  • David Walliams‘ stalker has been placed under mental care.(Press Association)
  • Sean Connery‘s son, Jason Connery, has responded to reports that his father had disinherited him. “My dad’s no mean tyrant. I am sick of my father being portrayed as some sort of monster. This could not be further from the truth. He and I have never had a conversation where he said, ‘You will never receive a penny.’ That is a lie.”(Mirror)
  • Doctor Who goes to the Prom.(Telegraph)
  • Doctor Who assistants Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate will face off for a UK Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice award.(BBC)
  • Here’s yet another article asking, “Can Amy Winehouse be saved?” The Times’ Robert Sandall actually got a chance to hear some of Amy recent material, “one of the untitled demo recordings Winehouse made in May during a week she spent at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios near Bath with her producer Salaam Remi.” And he says it was good: “It was in the high-energy style of the girl groups of the early 1960s. All things considered, it sounded pretty fresh.”
  • Even air traffic control will pull strings for Sir Paul McCartney: they conspired to make sure the former Beatle’s flight from Quebec landed in time to join Billy Joel at Shea Stadium. “It was crazy. I’d been on a plane for hours and had no idea how far into the show Billy was,” said McCartney. “The pilot had been keeping us informed of how we were doing time-wise and we found out later that air traffic control had worked hard to ensure we landed on time, but then there was still going to be the traffic to negotiate in order to make it for the show. When the plane doors opened I was met by the police and airport security, who rushed me straight through all the arrival procedures and then got me out as quickly as possible.”(NME)
  • First David Beckham helped introduce “metrosexuality” to the masses. Now, Mark Simpson says Becks can partially lay claim to a second cultural craze – “sporno” (sport + porno). Simpson writes in The Times: “There’s no denying how dramatically attitudes towards the sporting male body have changed as a result of sport’s collision with the world of fashion and celebrity. Sporting male heroes now adopt sex-object poses on the side of buses that were once seen as girly, slutty, or homosexual. Or, what was once much the same taboo in the male mind: passive.”
  • Naomi Campbell attempts to suck the bottom lip off the face of her billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin.(Daily Mail)
  • Elton John‘s partner, David Furnish, holidays in St. Tropez with fellow celebs, including designers Cavalli and Valentino. A Daily Mail reader duly notes, “What is Kid Rock doing on a boat full of gay men?” No competition for the ladies?
  • “Have age and stress launched a shocking attack on Madonna‘s face?”(Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.