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  • Doctor Who and Star Trek fans have been banned from having sci-fi merchandise signed by David Tennant and Patrick Stewart while they star in Hamlet,” reports BBC NEWS. Whovians and Trekkies? Too bad they didn’t cast, say, Ewan McGregor from Star Wars as Laertes, or they’d have completed the sci-fi convention trifecta. No offense to the sane fans of any of the above series.

  • New Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat does a fabulous interview with io9. He doesn’t provide any spoilers, but you can bet that his Doctor Who will be different from Russell T. Davies‘: “You change everything, all the time. Even that element of the show has changed radically over the past four years… You don’t worry about doing things radically, in an a new way… [You] do what tells the story…[Originally] we knew Rose much better than the Doctor, and now we know the Doctor better than we know Rose. And now we see Rose from the Doctor’s point of view, instead of seeing the Doctor from Rose’s point of view. You have to stay alive and stay lively, and Doctor Who is about change. Change is part of Doctor Who‘s formula. It must change.” If you missed it, the Word of the Day is change.
  • Danny John-Jules of Red Dwarf and Blade 2 fame says he’d love to play Doctor Who and criticizes the fact that all the Timelords have been white men: “Look at the real world. Nine times out of ten a doctor would be Asian. And why hasn’t there been a woman? There’s never been one because ‘assistant’ tends to ring around your ears when women are mentioned. ‘Will he or won’t he’, that’s what she’s there for. ‘Is he going to shag her?’ There are so many actors in the world that you could be more different with the casting – you could have a young guy from Zimbabwe, but it’s all white and middle-class.”(Den of Geek)
  • Photos of David Walliams and John Barrowman introducing new books.(Hello!)
  • After suffering an ankle injury, Catherine Tate is off her crutches, but she’s still wearing a wrist support.(The Sun)
  • Did Christian Bale argue with his mother and sister over money? A source told The Sun: “Christian is a very wealthy young man and was asked to help his sister out financially. He was asked to loan her £100,000 but he refused and that caused an almighty row. During that row, the women claim, he assaulted them by pushing and shoving them. Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened. They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening. But they say he bullied them. They are both devastated that it has come to this but want him to be taught a lesson.”
  • Pete Doherty has ‘fessed up to snatching and breaking a photographer’s camera. He’ll pay £1000 in damages.(BBC)
  • The Sun has a ghastly photo of Harry Potter star Rupert Grint‘s face after being attacked by “flesh-eating monster” in the BBC drama, Cherry Bomb.
  • Grint is drinking buddies with his Cherry Bomb co-star, Jekyll star James Nesbitt.(Mirror)
  • Which British celebs don’t drink? According to The Independent, sober stars include David Walliams (“a noted man about town, [he’s] never seen with anything other than mineral water in hand) and Catherine Tate (“[she] hates the ‘loss of control’ she experiences when drinking”).
  • Sienna Miller is suing over topless photos again, this time for those shots of her canoodling with Balthazar Getty. Hey, it’s not The Sun’s fault that you can’t seem to keep your damn knickers on in public, Missy.(Digital Spy)
  • Star Stories comic/hottie Kevin Bishop will lampoon Gordon Ramsay on his own sketch show.(The Sun)
  • Ant & Dec‘s new American show, Wanna Bet!, was a ratings flop for ABC. I’d forgotten it was even on!(The Sun)
  • Say farewell to G-A-Y at the London Astoria. I saw Simon Webbe there in 2006. It was my very first London club experience. Very cool place; I’ll miss it.(The Times)
  • Watch Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett‘s title sequence for the 2008 Olympics.(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.