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  • British actors are usually so good at talkin’ American – see Hugh Laurie on House – but The TimesZoe Strimpel says bad Yank accents are rampant in London’s West End. Strimpel talks to accent coach Mary Howland, who says, “It’s difficult not to stereotype when it comes to America. A lot of it is perceptual. There’s an idea of Americans as brash, enthusiastic and confident. Going into an accent that is very enthusiastic, they tend to go too far.”

  • The Brits say American television is craptacular.(Guardian)
  • Bubble does Brecht: Ab Fab star Jane Horrocks is doing The Good Soul of Szechuan. She’s a long way from her Bubble days, and she says she didn’t feel comfortable playing the role after a certain point. “The older I got, the more difficult I found it to play her,” she admits. “It just didn’t feel right because I had joined the grown-up world.”(The Times)
  • Keira Knightley talks to The Guardian about developing her acting chops: “Even though I’m only 23, I’ve found that you can easily reach a certain level of regurgitation. That’s when you step back and think, whoah, I need some different experiences. I never want to turn in the same performance, although I know that with some stars, that’s what it’s all about, creating some kind of product so that audiences will know what they’re going to get each time. That might make good business sense, but I don’t want to do it. I want to explore different characters – if that’s the difference between being an actress and a movie star, well I definitely want to be an actress thank you very much.”
  • Would A Clockwork Orange have been as creepy with Mick Jagger instead of Malcolm McDowell as the lead?(Guardian)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Richard Dorment has seen the latest show from British street artist Banksy, and he comes to this conclusion: “He’s middlebrow! His work goes down well with City bankers and Hollywood types because its joky, anti-war and anti-capitalist message doesn’t really offend anyone. He sells himself as an anarchist, but he’s really a sweetie.” But, he adds, “Banksy is not to be dismissed lightly. If nothing else, the work of the other graffiti artists made Banksy look like the Michelangelo of the medium. Even more unexpectedly, several of his three-dimensional installations could have held their own in any show in the land.”
  • Three new Oasis tracks – “I Wanna Live A Dream (In My Record Machine)”, “Nothin’ On Me,” and “Stop the Clocks” – have been leaked online.(NME)
  • Pete Doherty is out of the can.(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.