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  • Chelsy Davy, a.k.a. Prince Harry‘s baby doll, is gonna meet the Queen. Does she have an embarrassing, middle-class mother to bring along, too?

  • Lily Allen says she ain’t bovvered by those pics of her rack proliferating around the World Wide Web. “No, it’s my body…I heard I was a Page Three girl today.” (The Times)
  • Meet Gordon Rambo!(The Sun)
  • I thought they were all BFF: Amy Winehouse has “slammed” the songs that Pete Doherty has written for her. Girlfriend is a tough crowd: she also rubbished the Bond track that Mark Ronson wrote for her. Well, all great divas must have some quality control.(Mirror)
  • A relative of Amy Winehouse goes all Chris Crocker on BBC’s 5Live radio show: leave Amy alooooone. Pleeeeeeease!(NME)
  • Soul II Soul‘s Jazzie B has been honored with an OBE.(BBC)
  • Marti PellowWet Wet Wet lead singer and all-around hot piece-of-arse – is starring in a stage production of The Witches of Eastwick.(Daily Record)
  • Paolo Nutini is pulling out of his tour with Dave Matthews to work on his sophomore album.(Daily Record)
  • Pet Shop Boys are working with Xenomania (the producers of Girls Aloud) on their new album. I think that calls for a “Woot! Woot!” – if not a “Woo-hoo!”(Popjustice)
  • The Guardian‘s Simon Hattenstone thought Ewan McGregor‘s last movie, Woody Allen‘s Cassandra’s Dream, was a piece of crap, and he told the actor that during his interview. As you can imagine, the chat takes a bad turn after that revelation.
  • Jonathan Ross says he was moved to tears by the Sex and the City movie. I’d cry, too, having to look at Sarah Jessica Parker‘s tacky outfits for 2-1/2 hours without a break.(Mirror)
  • More press on Michael Fassbender‘s new film, Hunger. He tells BBC NEWS: “After I started putting weight back on, my doctor told me that the last time I’d been in, the receptionist came up to him and said ‘he’s really ill isn’t he? He’s dying of cancer or something. It was weird, because I was kind of happy when I heard that.”
  • Another film about the IRA is stirring up controversy at Cannes: Martin McGartland, an agent who infiltrated the IRA, says he’s been misrepresented in the movie, Fifty Dead Men Walking, starring Sir Ben Kingsley.(Guardian)
  • Directors Jim Sheridan and Terry George are teaming up to create a TV drama series about the Troubles in Northern Ireland during the ’60s. I trust that they’ll do it well: they previously collaborated on the marvelous In the Name of the Father and The Boxer.(The Stage)
  • The Guardian‘s Anna Pickard counts down British television’s 10 best people of the cloth. The cast of Father Ted comes in at No. 1.
  • David Pattinson talks about becoming one of the 215,000 British expats living in California. It’s not really the sun and fun he most prizes; it’s the American workaholic lifestyle. “What I’ve enjoyed most about working here is the opportunity to build relationships with clients, and other business partners at social events arranged for this specific purpose. Work and social lives tend to overlap much more here than in the UK because the emphasis on customer service and client retention is that much greater.” Even the good weather is just another networking opportunity: “Lifestyle factors are another major draw and with over 300 days of sunshine a year the vast majority of leisure activities are tailored to outdoor pursuits. I play golf almost every week and decided to take up the sport more seriously since moving to California. Golf is both a business and social activity out here and popular across the whole social spectrum.” Sounds like my kind of Hell, the recent gay-marriage decision notwithstanding.(Telegraph)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.