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  • Meet the cast of the American version of Life On Mars. Colm Meaney (see right), who’ll play the Yank version of Gene Hunt, is the spitting image of Philip Glenister. More info from Wikipedia.

  • A fan who posted knitting patterns for Doctor Who puppets on the Internet claims she was strong-armed by the BBC, who contacted her saying she breached their trademark.(BBC)
  • Minnie Driver is no Nicole Kidman: she can actually sing, says The Daily Telegraph‘s David Cheal. Reviewing her live show, Cheal says, “The thing about Driver is that, unlike most other singing film stars – Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe, and most recently Scarlett Johansson, whose catastrophic album of Tom Waits songs is released imminently – she can actually sing: her voice has a clear, countryish flavour with a soulful streak that puts her bang in the middle of Norah Jones territory, while her songs, mostly her own compositions, are sweetly sad observations on love and relationships and stuff.” Note: Driver will appear on this weekend’s The Graham Norton Show, Saturday at 10 pm et/pt on BBC AMERICA.
  • The TimesLisa Verrico agrees, “When she sang, Driver was surprisingly sweet too. Backed by a guitarist, bassist and double bass player, she recalled Fiona Apple on the Seastories track ‘Stars & Satellites,’ while the country ballad ‘Beloved’ was delivered with a deep, breathy, beguiling vocal a mile away from the public school speaking voice in which she informed the audience that she desperately needed to pee.”
  • The TimesStephen Dalton wasn’t so kind to Pete Doherty, who did his first post-prison gig with his band, Babyshambles. Although Dalton says Doherty’s lyrics paint a “rich literary landscape,” he adds: “There was plenty of excitement at this show, but too much of it was generated by the crowd. For a band who draw on such an ambitious range of inspirations, Babyshambles spent too much of their set sounding like pub-rock amateurs. After a dozen soundalike plodders their low-rent charm began to wear very thin indeed.”
  • Amy Winehouse has been officially cleared of charges surrounding that crack pipe video. The Sun is officially devastated that their little “gotcha” game didn’t pan out.
  • Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse lock lips.(The Sun)
  • With an exhibition of The Supremes‘ costumes happening at the V&A Museum, The Times interviews their modern-day counterparts, Sugababes.
  • Gay men want to have sex with Posh Spice.(The Sun)
  • Victoria Beckham discusses why she never smiles:”When I see pictures I do sometimes think ‘You miserable cow!’ But I think it’s just the way my face falls. If people like the way I look then great, and if they don’t then fine.”(Daily Mail)
  • A wheelchair-ridden John Cleese finds that his divorce will cost him an arm and a leg.(Daily Mail)
  • The four Brits who are competing for the Cannes festival’s highest honor.(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.