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  • Jude Rogers wonders why Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen “are they ripped apart with so much more venom than men? [Pete] Doherty, for instance, is abhorred, but not dissected in such detail. His every facial expression is not picked apart by reporters, and his heartbreak over Kate Moss is a footnote, not an article frontrunner. My fear is that the treatment of Allen and Winehouse is much more about the media wanting to reduce successful female musicians to their traditional roles.”(The Times)

  • Tina Turner offers her wisdom to help Amy Winehouse: “When you buy drugs that feeling passes and you have nothing. I don’t even know if you can remember what that feeling was. You get nothing from drugs except a feeling and bad health. I prefer to spend my money on something I can see, I can use.”(Mirror)
  • Amy Winehouse is reportedly going to Israel to do rehab.(The Sun)
  • There’s a positive review in The Times about Madonna‘s Malawi documentary, I Am Because We Are.”She could easily have made an indulgent vanity piece, tearfully cuddling photogenic orphans for an hour and a half. And, inevitably, there is some of that. But her on-screen presence is kept to a minimum and her narration is used mercifully sparingly so that the whiny anglicized tones don’t grate too much.”
  • James Blunt is being tarred by association: one of his gal pals is involved in a military sex scandal in Australia.(The Sun)
  • The powers-that-be behind American Idol are all British. And they are making boatloads of money.(The Times)
  • Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, sister of Mark, more than friends? (The Sun)
  • Sienna Miller has dyed her hair jet black.(Mirror)
  • Natascha McElhone‘s late husband had a pre-existing heart condition, a post-mortem has revealed.(Mirror)
  • Gemma Bissix, Claire on Hollyoaks, is leaving her current role on EastEnders.(Digital Spy)
  • Paul Weller talks to BBC NEWS and The Times of London about his new album.
  • Gary Barlow gives his OK to the unauthorized musical featuring Take That‘s music.(Mirror)
  • The Times lists the best European beaches. Bamburgh in Northumberland has been named the best beach in England.
  • Radiohead show that you can be eco-friendly even when you’re on tour: they use “water flasks” instead of “disposable cups,” their tour buses run on biofuel, and “air freight is banned.”(NME)
  • NME has details on the new Primal Scream album coming out this summer.
  • Jason Pierce, Spiritualized frontman and pal of Samantha Morton, gives an “enigmatic” podcast interview with The Guardian.
  • A 16-year-old kid has won a design contest to create a monster for Primeval, the time-travel thriller coming to BBC AMERICA in August.(The Stage)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.