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  • Is the Queen taking fashion cues from Duchess Camilla? Her Majesty herself was photographed wearing one of Camilla’s trademark headpieces. And she’s not the only one who appreciates Camilla’s style. She is being called a “fashion icon for older women,” and Anna Wintour says that Camilla has “that something that makes your jaw drop, that makes you gasp.”(Telegraph)

  • Sarah Ferguson: I would return to Britain, if you’ll have me.(Sky News)
  • The photographer who had been convicted of assaulting Heather Mills had his guilty verdict overturned because Mills was “too stressed” to give evidence at his appeal hearing. According to BBC NEWS, “prosecutor Dale Sullivan said Ms Mills was ‘refusing to give evidence’ and a summons could not be served because ‘we don’t know where she is.” He said: ‘Reading press reports, we believe she is in the east coast of America.'” So even officers of justice get their information from The Sun…
  • Meanwhile, Pet Shop Boys say that The Sun “totally made up” a story that they were working with Amy Winehouse on a Bond theme.(NME)
  • Amy Winehouse is scheduled to play Glastonbury. Whether or not she’ll actually show up is anyone’s guess.(BBC)
  • The Zutons are resigned to the fact people think Amy Winehouse wrote “Valerie.”(NME)
  • Plastic surgeon Martin Kelly, husband of Californication actress Natascha McElhone, has died of a suspect heart attack at age 42. (Telegraph)
  • The Daily Telegraph interviews 12-year-old Britain’s Got Talent finalist Faryl Smith, who is looking like the one to beat this year.
  • The BBC has issued an apology and offered to pay legal costs over a “defamatory” episode of Waking the Dead. “A recent storyline in the hit show featured a villain who had a similar name and background to a former Guards officer, now security boss, Jonathan Garratt.”(Guardian)
  • Terence Davies says the British film industry should stop taking its cues from Hollywood: “If we are going to have a national cinema we have got to make stories which arise from our islands. What we do most of the time is make sub-American nonsense. The American template is very often lousy – why do we want to imitate it?” (The Times)
  • Can Sandi Thom rebound from one-hit wonderdom – and a disastrous, deceitful PR campaign by RCA Records? The Guardian says no.
  • On to greener pastures: after their seamy snogfest in a pub, Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart had a heavy, horizontal makeout session on a some random person’s front lawn.(The Sun)
  • Jennifer Aniston is the new Minister of Silly Walks.(The Sun)
  • Mel B. turned up to a club in a leopard-print limo. We don’t mean the upholstery, we mean the outside. And looking at it makes me itch.(The Sun)
  • Mel B. is hoping Dancing with the Stars will help her do what The Spice Girls could not – launch a solo career. She’s working on an album that is a “a cross between early Pink and Destiny’s Child.” Way to come into the 21st century, Mel.
  • Little Britain‘s Matt Lucas wears a fat suit. And no, it’s not redundant.(Daily Mail)
  • The Stage‘s Mark Wright asks, “Will Steven Moffatt‘s Doctor Who differ all that much from Russell T. DaviesDoctor Who? By virtue it has to – they have two distinct voices that serve up very different stories. However, the online forums seem to be greeting this news with rapturous glee on the basis that we’re going to be getting ‘Blink’ and ‘The Empty Child’ every single week. And that’s where the fans have to step back and think about this…Would you really want those kind of stories week after week?”
  • Downloads and streams of Gavin & Stacey have been hugely successful for the BBC. As you already know, the BAFTA-winning sitcom is coming to BBC AMERICA this summer.(Chortle)
  • Is there a place in New York where you can see all the way to London and vice versa? A London artist, Paul St. George, has “invented” the Telectroscope. As The New York Times describes it, it’s “a fanciful device born equally of history and imagination [that] will visually connect New Yorkers to people in London, where an identical scope will sit on the banks of the Thames in the shadow of Tower Bridge. Spectators who step right up will have a real-time, life-size view across the pond 24 hours a day, until June 15, thanks to … no spoilers, yet. (The queue will generally be first come first served, but to make an appointment to connect with a friend in London, visit”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.