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Simon Cowell‘s talent-search series, Britain’s Got Talent, has been back on the air in the UK for a few weeks. But no contestant this season has garnered as much attention as Paul Potts, the tubby opera singer who became an international phenomenon after his performance on the show turned up on YouTube. That is, until now. Watch 18-year-old Dean Wilson, a singer/dancer from Middlesbrough, England, wow the judges after a shaky start:

Well, he’s certainly a lot cuter than Paul Potts. (He wisely wore a tank top.) And it takes major cojones to stare down Simon Cowell while singing “Why, God, Why” from Miss Saigon.

Madonna spends a third week at No. 1, and Sam Sparro is still nipping at her heels. The only new entry is from the Aussie band Pendulum, with their emo-techno hit, “Propane Nightmares.” Here are the top ten of this week:

1. Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake – 4Minutes
Watch the video

2. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold
Watch the video

3. Wiley – Wearing My Rolex
Watch the video

4. Usher ft. Young Jeezy – Love InThis Club
Watch the video

5. Estelle ft. Kanye West – AmericanBoy
Watch the video

6. September – Cry For You
Watch the video

7. Flo Rida ft. T-Pain – Low
Watch the video

8. Will.I.Am – Heartbreaker
Watch the video

9. Pendulum – Propane Nightmares
Watch the video

10. Scouting For Girls – Heartbeat
Watch the video

In other news:

  • The Sun has acquired video allegedly showing Peaches Geldof buying drugs from Amy Winehouse‘s dealer. Supposedly, the clip was on the same memory stick that contained footage of Amy smoking a glass pipe.

  • More on that aborted Amy Winehouse Bond theme: according to The Mirror, she allegedly stormed out of her recording session with Mark Ronson, screaming, “This is f***ing rubbish!” Winehouse’s crew thinks that Ronson threw her under the bus with his statement last week that “Amy wasn’t ready to work on music just yet.” An “aide” told The Mirror: “Amy wasn’t happy with the finished product and let her feelings known. The whole things smacks of sour grapes. Amy is more than capable of working at the moment despite a turbulent few weeks. In fact, throwing herself into her music is very much an escape for her at the moment.”
  • Meanwhile, Ronson says he’s producing the latest Kaiser Chiefs record. (NME)
  • Does Mr. Ronson have a taste for some Candie?(The Sun)
  • Writer Clive James makes an odd comparison between Amy Winehouse and Snoop Dogg‘s troubles in BBC Magazine. Somehow Charles Dickens gets thrown in there for good measure.
  • Madonna says she had to share “diva space” with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Pharrell.(PA)
  • Leona Lewis is a fan of the Resident Evil video game.(Daily Record)
  • Prince Harry has received a medal for his service in Afghanistan.(The Sun)
  • Girls Aloud have started their “Tangled Up” tour, but all eyes were on Cheryl Cole.(The Sun)
  • Another totally bizarre tragedy hits the set of the new Bond film.(The Sun)
  • Hollyoaks dominated the British Soap Awards, winning six gongs. Emma Rigby (Hannah Ashworth) and Chris Fountain (Justin) were named Best Actress and Best Actor. In spite of that, EastEnders won Best Soap.(BBC)
  • Kym Marsh, a Coronation Street actress who played a high-class hooker on In the City, allegedly hooked up with Warren from Hollyoaks and a hot soccer player.(Daily Mail)
  • Simon Pegg has no love for the American version of Spaced.(Digital Spy)
  • Upcoming actress Megan Fox – who co-stars with Pegg in the coincidentally titled How To Lose Friends and Alienate People – says she’s been branded a slut in Hollywood for saying she craves sex. She thinks she’ll be more respected in the UK (good luck with that, sweetie). “The instant you are open and honest and say you enjoy great sex you are labelled a tramp. It’s weird in Hollywood, where people try to control every aspect of you, from the color of your hair to every word you utter. It’s different in Britain. Women are expected to be conformist automatons in LA but in Britain you can be more yourself and people will take you on face value.”(Digital Spy)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow says she’ll do anything but porn. I didn’t know porn was on the table as an option for her, but good to know.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.