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  • Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse have stopped recording the new Bond theme because “[Amy’s] not ready to work on music yet,” Ronson said today. Which means she’s really effed up.(Mirror)

  • Pete Doherty will be released from jail on Tuesday: he will have served 29 days of his 14-week sentence.(Daily Mail)
  • Carl Barat criticizes Coldplay‘s decision to release their new single for free: “Fair enough they did it, but you can’t escape the fact that big name, big money bands who release their stuff for free are harming the scene. The industry is struggling financially and this is like missile after missile. How do new bands compete?”(Digital Spy)
  • Alan Cumming speaks out about Hollywood homophobia to BBC NEWS, adding that he doesn’t think gay actors necessarily get pigeonholed after they come out: “Some of them do, but lots of straight actors get pigeonholed in various roles. I’m quite outspoken in the media about what I perceive as a civil rights struggle that gay people in America are still going through. But I don’t think that I only play gay characters, or I wouldn’t be as convincing if I had a wife or a girlfriend in a movie.”
  • Kevin Spacey called Andrew Lloyd Webber to apologize for comments he made about Webber’s reality talent shows.(BBC)
  • Actor Toby Stephens, who played a villain in Die Another Day, will portray 007 himself in a radio adaptation of Dr. No.(BBC)
  • Ian Brown, formerly of The Stone Roses, says a common misconception of him is that he “can’t sing.” “My first LP is still in the charts 20 years on, so I can’t be that bad,” he adds.(The Independent)
  • Geri Haliwell is giving up “singing” (emphasis on the quotes) for a “career as a children’s author.”(Guardian)
  • Good for her: Grace Jones refused to play a London concert when organizers refused to pay her fee upfront.(Mirror)
  • Posh and Becks wear stylish black-and-white ensembles for David’s birthday.(Daily Mail)
  • Prince William avoids eye contact with Carol Vorderman‘s…solar eclipse.(Daily Mail)
  • Footballers’ wives and their fashion faux-pas.(Daily Mail)
  • The two men accused of blackmailing a member of the royal family with a “gay sex tape” have been sentenced to five years apiece.(The Sun)
  • Is Top Gear host Richard Hammond demanding to have his salary doubled? Not with that hair, he’s not!
  • Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson have purchased two pet pigs.(The Sun)
  • James Gandolfini will star in the film version of The Thick Of It; Chris Langham will not.(The Sun)
  • Meera Syal, best-known to BBCA viewers for Jekyll and, most prominently, for her role as the gregarious granny on The Kumars At No. 42, will play a blind woman in the new BBC sitcom, Beautiful People. (The Stage)
  • David Mitchell and Robert Webb are back with new episodes of Peep Show.(The Sun)
  • Misleading headline of the day: Kelly Rowland says Jay-Z will “kill” Glastonbury. (Mirror)
  • Before they release their new album, The Cure are set to release a new single each month.(NME)
  • Radiohead asks that their fans use public transit to get to their concerts.(NME)
  • Britain’s “Wonky Pop” tour heralds the return of eccentricity, individualism, and style to pop music.(Guardian)
  • The Daily Telegraph selects the 50 best pubs in the UK.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.