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  • A good Amy Winehouse trainwreck always elevates The Sun to a certain level of frantic poetry, and man, did she serve one up for them this time: “The junkie singer, 24, is to be quizzed by police after claims she HEADBUTTED a Good Samaritan who hailed her a cab outside a bar. ‘Rehab’ star Amy, said to have PUNCHED a second victim in the face, sank to a horrific new low while high on Class A drugs. Onlookers told how the married singer also SNOGGED a mystery fella at a nightspot and shocked punters by overturning tables and drinks.”

  • If you don’t get your crack rock in 15 minutes, it’s free: Tim Burgess, lead singer of The Charlatans, advises the incarcerated Pete Doherty to have his drugs ordered in: “What I used to feel about people like that is that they shouldn’t go out and get hammered, that they’d be better off doing it all at home. Why doesn’t he go for home delivery? Pete’s a f***ing rock star. GET IT DELIVERED! We always did.”(Gigwise)
  • Filming of Quantum of Solace has been shut down after three separate stunt-driver tragedies in the past week, leading some to think that the James Bond film is “cursed.” The latest crash happened in Italy and left the driver, Aris Comninos, in a coma. The Daily Telegraph reports, “Mr. Comninos suffered a fractured cranium during the filming of a dramatic 15-minute car chase which opens the movie.”
  • Russell Brand chats with The Guardian about his newfound Hollywood success in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Would it be uncouth for me to admit that Russell is actually hot in some of the film stills? Even with the filthy long hair, which I hate. Still not enough for me to shell out $11 in a theater for a Judd Apatow comedy.
  • Mel B. is working on a “mystery project” with none other than Harrison Ford.(The Sun)
  • Tom Cruise has recruited Victoria Beckham to design some clothes for a new film he’s doing.(Mirror)
  • When did Jordan become Latina?(Daily Mail)
  • Lily Allen and her boyfriend, Gavin & Stacey star James Corden, hit the town. The Daily Mail focuses on Corden’s weight, but I can’t get past Allen’s bad peroxide job. It actually doesn’t look blonde – it looks gray – and it ages her a good 20 years.
  • Corden and his Gavin & Stacey co-star Mathew Horne are creating a BBC sketch comedy show. Production company Tiger Aspect, which also makes Robin Hood, says, “They’re moving away from the Little Britain and Catherine Tate formula where it’s all character-led.”(Guardian)
  • BBC has also commissioned a new Steve Coogan “dramedy” titled Sunshine, which is a “‘bittersweet’ story of three generations of one family. It stars Coogan (I’m Alan Partridge, Saxondale), Bernard Hill (Lord Of The Rings), and Lisa Millett (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Viva Blackpool).”(C21 Media)
  • Billie Piper seems to be sporting a baby bump while frolicking on the beach with hubby Laurence Fox.(Daily Mail)
  • An update on the U.S. Life On Mars remake.(Digital Spy)
  • Terry Nation‘s BBC sci-fi series Blake’s 7 will be remade by Sky One.(Guardian)
  • What Not To Bare: Trinny and Susannah actually plan to “get naked” as part of “a nationwide body census for a three-part ITV1 show The Great British Body.”(BBC)
  • It must be a slow news day at The Daily Mirror when they have to manufacture stories about someone as un-tabloidy as director Mike Leigh to pad their pages. The paper claims Leigh admits to “an obsession with crop circles,” but here’s his quote: “There are many crop circles that simply cannot be explained, that can’t have been done by human hand. But to anyone who says I subscribe to conspiracy theories, I would tell them to f*** off.” So f*** the hell off, Daily Mirror.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.