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  • They’re real, and they’re spectacular: Weakest Link host Anne Robinson asked celeb contestant Olly Smith to “feel her breasts” during a taping of the show. A shockingly low 16 viewers were alarmed by this. (Daily Mail)

  • Jurors have issued a ruling in the six-month-long Diana inquest: the chauffeur, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi were at fault in the deaths of the Princess and Dodi Fayed in that Paris tunnel back in 1997. However, as The Guardian notes, “Although a verdict of unlawful killing could trigger a criminal prosecution, British courts do not have the jurisdiction to try events in France and the coroner was not able to compel French paparazzi photographers to appear before the inquest. An earlier French investigation of the crash cleared the paparazzi photographers of responsibility for the deaths.”
  • “Openly gay atheist” Russell T. Davies is up for an award from an “American Christian family values” magazine for an episode of Doctor Who. Davies tells The Sun: “I think it would be the most glorious thing if they had the ceremony, I won, and this six-foot-six bender stood up at their big night and took a prize off the right-wing American lunatics. I would pledge to spend the money on gay causes and charities. That’d be fantastic.”
  • Timelord David Tennant is back on the market: he’s split from his girlfriend.(Daily Mail)
  • League of Gentleman star Mark Gatiss (who played Robert Louis Stevenson in Jekyll and Lazarus on Doctor Who) will play “an architect who becomes involved in a murder investigation when one of his arch enemies falls from a building” in BBC’s Purves and Pekkala. (The Stage)
  • The Guardian‘s Gareth McLean calls Doctor Who‘s fourth season premiere “lightweight” and worries that RTD is burnt out: “Sad to say but ‘Partners in Crime’ really felt like a case of going through the motions. All in, a bit lackluster, despite the soundtrack, which was insistently upbeat to the point of irritating.” As for Catherine Tate, he’s pleasantly surprised: “Reuniting the Doctor and Donna, Davies already risked the wrath of viewers/hardcore Whovians who had recoiled at Catherine Tate’s one-note shrillness in ‘The Runaway Bride,’ but hats off to him for persevering. It’s great to have a companion not in awe of the Doctor – and indeed one that the show seems committed to – unlike poor Martha who, as Daniel Martin pointed out, was neglected from the outset by the writers on the rebound from Rose.”
  • The Times does a totally unfair comparison between Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.
  • BBC1’s costume drama Cranford swept the UK’s Broadcasting Guild Awards on Friday, winning four awards. It won Best TV Drama Series, Best Actor (Philip Glenister of Life On Mars fame), and Best Actress for Dame Eileen Atkins, who won the “Battle of the Dames” against co-star Dame Judi Dench. BBC AMERICA’s Top Gear was named Best Factual Entertainment Program.
  • The Daily Telegraph dares to pick the 110 best books evah. I wonder how many Lily Allen has read.
  • Salman Rushdie penetrates his inner literary horndog.(The Times)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.