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  • Russell T. Davies, creator of Cardiff-set hits Doctor Who and Torchwood, has done so much for Wales’ profile, “there is talk of [building] a statue” in Cardiff, according to The Times. The Welsh are in the midst of a cultural renaissance, the paper says: “Something has happened to the Welsh. Suddenly, and cheerfully, the principality’s sons and daughters are thriving…Much has been written about the Welsh renaissance within Wales – the Millennium Stadium, the Assembly, the film crews on every street corner. And suddenly, it is not just the Welsh who are excited about Wales. It is everybody.”

  • Is it actually a “scare” if the person isn’t scared?: Ewan McGregor had a “cancerous mole” removed, calls it “no big deal.”(BBC)
  • Stop this world, I wanna get off: is BBC NEWS’ new spinning globe making some viewers sick? “One viewer complained that the new swirling globe induced dizziness. Others found the motion ‘nauseating’ and said that it could prompt epileptic fits.”(The Times)
  • After all the Noel Gallagher hullabaloo, Paul Weller offers a sensible criticism of Glastonbury: “The conditions are disgusting aren’t they? I don’t know how people can … I mean you’d have to be off your box just to stay there for three days wouldn’t you?”(Guardian)
  • Mel B. is showing off her Dancing With the Stars-toned body in new Ultimo undies ads.(Telegraph)
  • I hope she signed a money-back guarantee: Jodie Marsh, size 32GG, says she “didn’t want [her boobs] to be ridiculous.”(Digital Spy)
  • Victoria Beckham becomes a Pussycat Doll for a night.(The Sun)
  • Lily Allen: my TV show made me “fat.”(The Sun)
  • The Guardian chats with BAFTA’s Best Actor, Andrew Garfield, an American-born, British-raised actor who has already achieved great acclaim at age 24. “I don’t support a football team. I’ve never had any affinity with any one particular thing,” he says. “It means I can be in the sun and I don’t have to worry about a visa. My dad is American so I was raised with a certain amount of American culture, movies and music, which I like. My mum is from Essex.” Here’s a clip of Garfield being interviewed for the film Lions For Lambs.
  • 28-year-old actress Hattie Morahan isn’t afraid of playing Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility over a decade after Emma Thompson made the role her own: “People would say, ‘Why are they making it again?’ I kept saying, ‘It was 12 years ago.’ I deliberately didn’t watch the film again and decided not to think about Emma Thompson. Because you would go mad. It would distort your work. I thought, it’ll be original by virtue of the fact that it’s me doing it and there is only one me.” And, unlike Thompson, she’s actually age-appropriate.(Telegraph)
  • Mike Leigh talks about making Happy-Go-Lucy, a film that’s not depressing: “As it evolved and I started to focus on what I was up to, it began to be clear that the film wanted to be positive, to be anti-miserablist. And I felt that was the right thing to do. Not least because it’s about a teacher, it’s about somebody who cares and who nurtures the future. We are screwing up the world, and while that’s going on we can feel very depressed about that. But actually, people get on with it, and that’s what the film’s about. But I also wanted to make a film where we could just enjoy ourselves.”(Guardian)
  • Two EastEnders stars caused a ruckus when they were denied entry into a post-BAFTA party. Another EastEnders star wasn’t even allowed to the show itself: “Barbara Windsor…was fuming after not being invited to the TV awards bash.”
  • Linda McCartney documented her own dying in her photos, which are being shown in London starting Friday. The Daily Telegraph‘s Alastair Sooke talks about one striking picture: “Linda photographs her reflection in a cracked mirror. There she is on the left, her hair clipped short following chemotherapy, her right hand just out of sight as she manipulates the camera on its tripod. The bust on the right is a cast of the death mask of William Blake, which Bacon painted. The two heads talk to each other, as if to say that Linda wanted this photograph to function as a death mask of her own. This is not an easy work: the death mask, shattered mirror, empty sofa and Linda’s illness make us reflect on absence, loss and mortality. But it is utterly compelling.”
  • Yazoo (or Yaz for us Amurricans): reunited and it feels so good.(Guardian)
  • What a waste: Gethin Jones, a Blue Peter hunk who defines “photogenic,” is getting his own BBC radio show.(BBC)
  • “The greatest crime” of the controversial Three and Out, starring Mackenzie Crook, “is that it is just a very bad British movie,” says The Evening Standard.
  • Speaking of Welsh shows, award-winning sitcom Gavin & Stacey is coming to BBC AMERICA! The premiere is set for August. For those who aren’t aware, “Gavin & Stacey tells an endearing story of true love and human relationships. Gavin is an ordinary boy from England, Stacey is an ordinary girl from Wales. The two are obsessed with each other, yet they’ve only ever spoken on the phone. They decide to make the journey to meet, but the peculiar personalities of their families and friends make it a rocky road to happiness. Their loved ones must learn to get along as their worlds collide and the relationship gets serious. Fortunately, their best friends – Nessa and Smithy – get along ‘exceptionally’ well – they just have to be wasted first.”
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By MacKenzie Wilson