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  • Off the market again: David Tennant is dating another Doctor Who crew member, assistant director Jennie Fava. Sorry, ladies, not quick enough. I hear Hugh Grant‘s available.
    (The Sun)

  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Michael Deacon gives a hilarious review of Torchwood star John Barrowman‘s concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. “It’s fascinating. John Barrowman is as gay as a Wendy house. His fans know he’s as gay as a Wendy house. Between songs, he can barely stop reminding them that he’s as gay as a Wendy house (‘On “I’d Do Anything” I’m looking for a Nancy! Are there any here tonight? No, I’m not talking girls – I’m talking Nancies!’).” What’s a Wendy house?
  • Sir Paul McCartney just can’t get rid of Heather Mills: sources tell The Sun that “everywhere in the world Paul has a house, she wants a house.”
  • Russell Brand snogs a man on TRL.(The Sun)
  • The Daily Mail is surprised that Victoria Beckham has her bodyguards carry her bags from Whole Foods. Newsflash: multi-millionaires don’t often schlepp around their own groceries. Would you, if you could pay some doddering flunkie to do it?
  • All class, those two: Jordan and Peter Andre “simulated their first sexual encounter” in front of reality-TV cameras.(Daily Mail)
  • Photos of a worse-for-wear Kate Moss, looking a bit like Cousin It as she’s dragged around town by boyfriend Jamie Hince.(Daily Mail)
  • What Not To Wear, indeed: apparently a mollusk has attached itself to Trinny Woodall‘s finger.(Daily Mail)
  • Does a member of the royal family hold the honor of starring in the first gay celebrity sex tape?(Telegraph)
  • The Daily Telegraph is counting down Britain’s richest towns.
  • OK, how did I miss this?: Andrew Davies, writer of famed TV adaptations like Bleak House, was a victim of “dog rage,” according to The Times. The papers reported on Sunday that Davies was “assaulted by the owner of two Staffordshire bull terriers that were involved in a scuffle with Davies’ ‘timid’ Alsation rescue dog.”
  • Meanwhile, Davies is set to adapt the erotic thriller Sleep With Me. The film will star Hustle‘s Adrian Lester and Tipping the Velvet‘s Jodhi May.(The Stage)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.