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  • Yes, Sir Ian McKellen will play Gandalf in The Hobbit.(BBC)

  • In more important news, John Hurt will don Quentin Crisp‘s eyeliner once again, reprising his role in a follow-up to the 1975 TV movie The Naked Civil Servant.(BBC)
  • If you look closely, it’s easy to trace the tracks of Liz Hurley‘s weave.
    (Daily Mail)
  • And now Lily Allen‘s brassiere is showing…doesn’t anyone remember style?(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse emerges from a conjugal visit with Blake Fielder-Civil with a fresh hickey.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy should look to Lulu if she wants to sustain a career, says The Mirror. “Look at Lulu now – pushing 60 and still the pocket rocket princess of pop, wowing audiences with her tiny skirts and age-defying, dewy skin. Can you imagine Miss Winehouse’s creaking bones making it past the next 10 years, let alone 40?”
  • The Sun says Robbie Williams is turning into “fat Elvis.”
  • James Blunt will help to even out the “white guy with a guitar” factor against hip-hoppers like Jay-Z.(Guardian)
  • The Daily Telegraph chats with Jeremy Paxman‘s “Mini Me,” a man by the name of Jeremy Vine, host of the BBC’s Points of View and former presenter of Newsnight.
  • If your brother quits your band, just hire your other brother: Ali Campbell, who quit UB40 earlier this year, will be replaced by his brother, Duncan, as lead singer. Duncan will join their other brother, Robin, in the band.(BBC)
  • Coldplay has had 600,000 downloads of their new single, which is probably anyone and everyone who would have wanted the song in the first place. Starting May 6th, they expect people to pay for it… (NME)
  • Meanwhile, Chris Martin doesn’t want to hear his song on the radio.(Mirror)
  • An inflatable pig Pink Floyd has used for over 30 years floated away during their Coachella performance. There’s a $10,000 reward if you know the whereabouts of the prodigal plastic porker.(NME)
  • Failed tranny Emily Howard will be “arrested” on the U.S. season of Little Britain.(The Sun)
  • Thank the Lord: James McAvoy likes gettin’ his bone on too much to be a priest.(Daily Record)
  • The ghost of Shakespeare‘s only known patron has been discovered in an oil painting.(Telegraph)
  • You can buy John Lennon‘s “Peace” at Christie’s.(BBC)
  • Radiohead says their In Rainbows “pay what you want” scheme was a one-time deal.(Telegraph)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.