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  • Pete Doherty says “Hi” from Wormwood Scrubs prison and sends a photo.(The Sun)

  • Not only does she have a No. 1 album, but Leona Lewis‘ “Bleeding Love” is No. 1 on the singles chart again, dethroning Mariah Carey. (Billboard)
  • “James Bond in metrosexual makeover shock.”(Mirror)
  • Yesterday, Jordan said big breasts are out of style. Obviously, Jodie Marsh did not get the memo.(The Sun)
  • Doctor Who creator Russell T. Davies says being named “the most influential gay person in Britain” is “demeaning”: “What’s influential? I mean it’s a funny old question, who’s the most influential straight person in the world? We don’t apply that question to straight people.”(Digital Spy)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick examines how the world’s economic recession has affected the UK’s music industry: “This is already affecting the music we listen to, at least in terms of what major labels are prepared to back with big-budget marketing campaigns. From Mika to Leona Lewis, there has been a shift of emphasis towards big, brash, shiny pop, clearly visible at this year’s vacuous Brit award ceremony. It represents a kind of instinctive retrenchment by the industry to a model they know how to operate.”
  • The Office star Mackenzie Crook talks to The Times about his new movie, Three and Out. The film has already stirred up some serious controversy: in it, Crook’s character is a subway driver named Paul. “After two passengers fall under Paul’s train in quick succession, the vaguely traumatized driver is told that a third kill will mean instant retirement on compassionate grounds – and ten years’ pay. He thus trawls the city for potential suicides, catches an Irish alcoholic (Colm Meaney) about to attempt a bridge plunge, and convinces him to use the train instead.” Did we mention it’s a comedy? Crook says, “As a movie, it’s a lot more poignant than the poster suggests.”
  • The Franz Ferdinand boys have posted footage of recording sessions for their new album.(NME)
  • Get ready for the DVD of David Bowie‘s 1972 concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.(Guardian)
  • The Geldof sisters are apparently smitten with Klaxons frontman Jamie Reynolds.(Daily Mail)
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By MacKenzie Wilson