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  • In today’s Daily Telegraph, Bryan Ferry responds to the controversy over his 2007 comments about Nazi aesthetics. “‘It was like being in some film noir. Bizarre. Very scary actually. And very ugly. There was a feeding frenzy and because there is 24-hour media now…’ He trails off. ‘I’m sort of speechless about it. I don’t want to say anything because… You could be in disguise. One becomes totally untrusting.’ He sighs. ‘It was all so…’ He sighs again. ‘It was so absurd. Anyone who knew me would tell you it was… ridiculous.’ He looks over his shoulder to the table behind him, searching for something. ‘I have this letter about it from a friend. A film-maker… Actually, can we change the subject please?'”

  • On this morning’s GMTV, Heather Mills explained why she poured water over the head of Paul McCartney‘s lawyer, Fiona Shackleton: “I went back to the court, and Paul’s lawyers and him argued to have the judgment put out with all my daughter’s private information and our private information on this one-sided judgment. And Mrs. Shackleton said something under her breath so I cleansed and baptised her. I thought she looked fantastic – I thought it did her the world of good and now I’ve been offered lots of jobs for creating looks for women of her age, with these kind of hair-dos.” (The Times)
  • Graham Norton defends the BBC’s talent shows after Kevin Spacey criticized the network for using the series as advertisements for musicals. “Maybe he should put a musical on and people will go to see that…I think it would be very bad to do a reality show casting the lead of The Iceman Cometh, called ‘We’d Bore Everyone’.”(BBC)
  • The Daily Mail‘s headline: “Posh looks bored stiff as [husband] David drags her to the basketball game.” Isn’t that how she always looks?
  • Some early photos from Quantum of Solace, including Gemma Arterton as a ginger-haired Bond girl.(Daily Mail)
  • Amy Winehouse, who is recording the theme song for the new Bond flick, was spotted “looking painfully thin” on her way to the studio.(Mirror)
  • Episodes of Big Brother featuring Jade Goody will be used to teach English to Polish television audiences. Ironic, considering the girl can barely speak English herself.(Guardian)
  • Coldplay‘s next album, Vida La Vida, will include titles like “‘Life In Technicolor,’ ‘Cemeteries Of London,’ ‘Strawberry Swing,’ and ‘Death And All His Friends.'”(BBC)
  • Goldfrapp‘s new album Seventh Tree is all “pastoral strings and acoustic guitars.” However, their last two records were both dark, sexy electropop. What will fans think? Alison Goldrapp says this worries her: “What will people do when we play it at festivals? We’ll be delicately playing and suddenly there’ll be this booming coming from another tent. And people will be twiddling their thumbs because they want to party.”(The Times)
  • The Times‘s John Mulvey gives The Kooks‘s album Konk “two stars”: “The meticulous ambition of it all is impressive, but the suspicion remains that even their most devoted fans may only need one Kooks album, with the likes of The Wombats now making demands on their pocket money, too.”
  • What was Lily Allen doing in that men’s bathroom before she was chucked out? The Sun‘s Gordon Smart says, “Lily claims she was dodging the queue in the ladies. I’ll take her word for it.”
  • Here are your UK versions of the American Gladiators.(The Sun)
  • Prince William gets his Royal Air Force wings.(Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.