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  • Is Heather Mills the reason why Sir Paul McCartney‘s releasing the Beatles catalog to iTunes?(New York Daily News)

  • Amy Winehouse is caught snorting vodka. For her, that seems almost innocent, doesn’t it?(Mirror)
  • Jealous much? Tom Clarke of The Enemy is upset that Arctic Monkeys keep winning every industry award. “It just shows The Brits and these other awards shows are spineless. It’s disappointing the Arctic Monkeys were given loads of awards. They only won so much because the bosses knew it wouldn’t offend anyone. These awards have turned into the Arctic Monkeys show.”(Mirror)
  • Cheryl Cole has an unlikely ally in her marital battle with Ashley Cole: her mother-in-law.(Mirror)
  • Duffy‘s Rockferry album has a U.S. release date: May 13th.(NME)
  • The Guardian explores how bands like OMD, ABC, and Fleetwood Mac committed career suicide in the ’80s.
  • Could an Eric Clapton concert in Pyongyang solve the diplomatic crisis between North Korea and the West?(The Times)
  • As it celebrates its 56th birthday, is NME Magazine on its deathbed? Former NME staffer Stephen Dalton says “Not so fast” in today’s Times. The print magazine is dying certainly, but as Dalton says, “perhaps it is simply wrong to interpret poor sales as a crisis in this post-print age. Even if its weekly cousin loses readers, the magazine’s online presence continues to expand, recently surpassing the monthly benchmark of two million ‘unique users’.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.