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  • Kate Moss is “convinced” that two “obsessed female fans” are stalking her. The two unidentified girls have repeatedly parked their blue Renault Clio outside Moss’ house. A source tells The Mirror: “It’s really spooky and totally freaking Kate out. The girls are just weird. There are often a couple of photographers outside the house, and even they are suspicious of these girls. They just sit and stare at the house for hours on end. And if anyone approaches them, they drive around the back of the house and then come back.”

  • Prince Charles, now dubbed “The Prince of Wailers,” and Duchess Camilla play the bongos in honor of Bob Marley in Jamaica. Watch Chuck feel the riddim.
  • The Lord is my hair stylist, I shall not frizz: a new “hair prayer” ad has rankled Christians in the UK. BBC NEWS describes the offending commercial: “The first advert for the ghd IV hair styling equipment showed a woman wearing lingerie, sitting on the edge of a bed, clasping rosary beads. As she looks up, the text on the screen reads ‘May my new curls make her feel choked with jealousy’. The text is replaced with the words ‘ghd IV thy will be done’, then ‘ghd. A new religion for hair’. The letter ‘t’ in ‘thy’ closely resembles the Christian cross.”
  • Hollyoaks star Chris Fountain, who plays troubled teen Justin Burton on the soap, is favored to win the UK reality show Dancing On Ice on Sunday. But was the skilled hockey player a ringer in the competition? Fountain insists that he hasn’t had it easy: “I think I’ve tried some really difficult stuff and I don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself less than anybody else. I don’t feel like I’ve sat back on my experience and gone, ‘I can do an easy routine and just sail my way through’.” Check out Chris and his partner’s routine to Justin Timberlake‘s “Cry Me a River.”
  • Jade Goody grimaces as she endures a grueling workout. But, my oh my, who’s her humpy personal trainer? He’s totes yummerz.(Daily Mail)
  • Aussie singer-actress Natalia Imbruglia, who is recently divorced, is reportedly dating Richard Branson‘s son Sam.(Mirror)
  • Actor Rafe Spall, son of actor Timothy Spall, did not enjoy the gay sex scenes he shared with David Walliams while filming the Frankie Howerd biopic. “I didn’t enjoy doing those scenes with David. Sex scenes with girls are embarrassing enough but doing them with blokes, you have to dig deep and think of England!”(The Sun)
  • They may have selected the new Maria and the new Joseph, but viewers won’t be able to pick the winner of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s search for a new Oliver. The BBC says, “Oliver is played by a minor so the role will not be open to the public vote. This decision was taken in the best interest of the children following expert advice.”(The Times)
  • Oscar winner Jeremy Irons no longer gets his kicks from flicks: “Theatre, with its live audience, feels much more meaty somehow. I have to say I don’t enjoy filming all that much now. I don’t get the same buzz I used to.”(Telegraph)
  • Legendary actor James Fox (a.k.a. Billie Piper‘s father-in-law) is playing a Pope impersonator in Harmony Korine‘s new movie about a commune of celeb imitators. “Almost immediately, I put the costume on and I decided that he should be Pope John Paul, and that was important, that it was actually that Polish pope. It was a very fruitful and an endlessly interesting, imaginative exercise. And I thought he fitted quite well into the commune. He’s clearly a very strange man, but then they all are.”(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.