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  • Is our Heather Mills hate misogynistic? The Guardian‘s Kira Cochrane thinks so: “Indeed, over the past few years, since her initial split from Paul McCartney, every nasty, misogynist epithet available has been thrown at Mills; she has somehow become the vessel through which it is acceptable for both pundits and the public to express their very worst feelings about women.”

  • High-powered lawyer Gloria Allred stumps for Heather Mills on GMTV. (Daily Mail)
  • Court papers reveal that Heather had a miscarriage with Paul McCartney prior to conceiving their daughter, Beatrice.(Digital Spy)
  • Celia Gordon isn’t the only one who thinks Paul McCartney‘s lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, has MILF qualities: Glyn Davies, a Tory candidate for Parliament, even blogged about the shaggable Shackleton, saying, “From the before and after photographs in today’s newspapers, I have to say that the wet bedraggled look bestowed upon Ms. Shackleton a wanton and rather fetching appearance. If she wants my advice, I’d recommend she considers adopting the wet look on a regular basis. She might even try wearing a T-shirt as well.” (BBC)
  • Amy Winehouse gets naked for charity. Surprisingly nice rack.(Hello!)
  • Winehouse’s “constant parties and all-hours visits” in her new house have allegedly gotten so disruptive that her next-door neighbors are moving out.(Mirror)
  • Adele‘s new record, 19, will be released in the U.S. through Columbia Records this summer.(BBC)
  • Chat show host Lily Allen has infuriated teachers in the UK after airing a video of a student “pantsing” his instructor in class.(The Sun)
  • Paul Rodgers and a band that calls itself Queen will release an album in September, which will be followed by a “massive world tour.”(Guardian)
  • Guest Guardian blogger Thom Yorke calls himself a “climate optimist.”
  • Why does The Cure still haunt teenagers, young and old, a quarter century after the band’s heyday? The Daily Telegraph‘s Andrew Perry says, “[Robert] Smith, like all the aforementioned goth-associated performers, has not been content to sit back and milk his past. It’s as if that negating, black-clad energy which drove them all to begin with, was ferocious enough to propel them right through, artistically, into later life.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.