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  • At this weekend’s pre-season auto race in Spain, spectators wore blackface and hurled racial abuse at British racer Lewis Hamilton. The Times reports, “The McLaren driver, 23, was subjected to racist comments and was faced with a group of spectators wearing wigs, dark make-up, and t-shirts with the slogan ‘Hamilton’s Family’ on the front during pre-season testing near Barcelona.” The FIA has threatened to strip Spain of Formula One Grand Prix races if the racist incidents happen again.

  • British boxer Lennox Lewis speaks out about the racism he suffered in England and the gay rumors that have dogged him for years. “When people started coming up to me and asking if I was gay, it really bugged me,” Lewis said. “It was so ridiculous and I couldn’t do anything to stop the rumour.”(The Times)
  • Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has selected the 25 worst cars he’s ever driven. On the VW Jetta 2.0 SE FSI, Clarkson says, “I’d love to meet the man who styled the exterior, to find out if he’d done it as some sort of a joke. But mostly I’d like to meet the man who simply didn’t bother at all with the interior. Because looking at that dashboard gives you some idea of what it might be like to be dead.”
  • British actress Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) will star opposite Will Ferrell in an adapation of the ’70s series Land of the Lost.(BBC)
  • Is The Daily Mail trying to imply something by zooming in on Ms. Friel’s midsection as she was out to dinner with partner David Thewlis and her daughter? The caption: “New curves: Anna’s expanded waistline after her meal.”
  • It’s an all-out pudge parade over at The Mail: Sean Lennon, looking a “picture of poor health,” is photographed gnarling on a pastry and puffing a cancer stick.
  • How will Gene Hunt’s relationship with DI Drake (Keeley Hawes) on Ashes To Ashes differ from the one he had with Sam Tyler on Life On Mars? Actor Philip Glenister says, “Well, she is female for a start, so she’s got breasts. There wasn’t any sexual tension between Tyler and Hunt in Life On Mars – and if there was, I certainly wasn’t aware of it. I think Alex gets a lot more out of Gene, though. We learn more about the man behind the coat and a lot of that comes from her character. There is an element of ‘Will they/won’t they?’ because there is an attraction between them that is quite fiery.” (Mirror)
  • Philip Glenister provides The Daily Telegraph with some historical context about Ashes To Ashes “The writers were very clever in setting this in 1981,” says Glenister. “It’s very specific. You need the tail-end of the political movements that were so important in the late Seventies. You need the Brixton riots. Gene has the Scarman Report [an inquiry into the riots that identified a loss of public confidence in the police] hanging over him. What we see is a man losing his grip on the power he had as a policeman. Gene’s trying to do the right thing but finding it extremely difficult to fit in with the changing times.”
  • The Guardian‘s Jason Solomons handicaps the BAFTAs and says this may be the year they step out of the shadow of the Oscars.
  • Could Al Pacino portray late comedian Peter Sellers in a play on London’s West End?(Chortle)
  • Tim Rice says it’s unlikely he’ll get back together with his old writing partner, Andrew Lloyd Webber: “We were young, successful, travelling the world – I mean, what was not to love? I knew at the time it would not get better than this in career terms. And it didn’t. It’s quite difficult to come back to a partnership. It’s like trying to get married again. I probably thought when we were writing, ‘We’re going to be Gilbert and Sullivan, we’ll do 10 shows together.’ (Telegraph)
  • Jordan is suing an ex-nanny for saying that the model-author is a bad mother.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.