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  • Thanks to good old Matt Drudge, Prince Harry has been yanked out of Afghanistan due to concerns that “the Taliban will step up attacks on British bases.” Well duh. Of course, the fat cat Drudge doesn’t give a toss about the many, many lives he likely endangered with his little stunt. The Taliban is already threatening attacks.

  • There’s a debate over at The Guardian about whether it was right for the UK media to remain silent on the matter. Every editor in the UK has known for months that Harry had been deployed.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is proud of her grandson, saying he’s done “a good job in a very difficult climate.”(The Sun)
  • Prince Harry does bad things to bad people.(The Sun)
  • Videos of Harry’s more carefree moments in Afghanistan.(The Sun)
  • The Sun claims to have gotten their mitts on Doctor Who Season 4 scripts.
  • What is wrong with Susannah Constantine‘s bosom in this Daily Mail photo? Has she hired a lawyer yet?
  • Actress Julie Walters has been awarded a CBE, which makes her only one step below a Dame.(BBC)
  • The editor of Heat Magazine will quit to write a tell-all memoir.(Digital Spy)
  • Stephen Fry talks about life as a national treasure: “Well, a part of me is completely delighted. How could I not be? It is a great and touching compliment. But another part is scared stiff. There’s no way but down from such a dizzy pinnacle of public regard. Plus, it’s not very… edgy, is it?”(Telegraph)
  • James Bond fans have been invited to select the next Bond theme. But it’s not for the movie, it’s for the audiobook. Lame.(NME)
  • Here’s a Guardian interview with the latest British “It” filmmaker, Paul Andrew Williams, whose film London To Brighton had many people comparing him to Mike Leigh.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.