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  • New York Post gossip Cindy Adams talks to Neil Simpson, the author of the new unauthorized Heather Mills biography The Unsinkable Heather Mills. He says, “I’m fascinated by people who life dealt a bad hand, got kicked down and yet are survivors. Heather’s a tough friend and a tough wife. People close to her can always be alienated. She wants constant praise, vindication, she constantly needs to be right. And she remembers every slight. They niggle away at her. It’s a recipe for disaster. She shouts and drives people bananas. She alienates them. It’s her MO.”

  • Paul McCartney will finally exhibit his late wife Linda‘s photography, ten years after her death.(BBC)
  • Has Annie Lennox been dropped by Sony BMG? Not so, says the label.(Reuters)
  • George Michael has a multi-million pound deal to write his memoirs.(BBC)
  • Even Mark Ronson can’t believe he’s up for Best British Male Solo Artist: “Who are these morons voting? I think it’s quite weird being nominated for Best Male artist. I’m not an artist in the way a singer is. I’m a producer. I think Shayne Ward is a more likely candidate than me and Mika any day of the week. When I heard about my nomination I was completely awestruck.”(Daily Record)
  • Cheryl Cole hated the Girls Aloud ballad, “See The Day” and wishes they hadn’t released it. “I absolutely hate that track, I don’t think it’s us at all, it’s really old fashioned.”(Daily Record)
  • Is The Office‘s David Brent a modern-day philosopher? In the new book, The Office And Philosophy, academics examine the wisdom of Ricky Gervais‘ landmark character. According to Chortle, “Chapter titles include The Virtues Of Humour: What The Office Can Teach Us About Aristotle’s Ethics; Laughter Between Distraction and Awakening – Marxist Themes In The Office; and Leaving The Dice Alone – Pointlessness And Helplessness at Wernham-Hogg.” Asked about the book, Ricky Gervais said, ‘I didn’t realize what I genius I was till I read this book.”
  • Little Britain star David Walliams says he saw Russell Brand “naked in the changing rooms after a yoga class. It’s one to tell the ladies.” Too bad Victoria Newton and her Gay-O-Meter have retired; she’d have a field day.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.