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  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Michael Deacon talks about Morrissey‘s “anti-immigration” comments in the NME. “Surely the opinions in themselves cannot have shocked the magazine; such views are, after all, hardly unique. What apparently shocked it was that the man expressing those opinions was one of its favorite singers. It is, apparently, inconceivable to NME that an artistically talented person might have such views. Artistic talent, the magazine seems to believe, is the exclusive preserve of the right-on. Fingers crossed that nobody lends its editor any biographies of, say, Larkin, Dalí, Eliot, Woolf, or Pound, all of whom held opinions far more illusion-shattering to the liberal than Morrissey’s.”

  • Meanwhile, check out Morrissey’s video for “That’s How People Grow Up.” It features footage from his recent tour of security guards batting away overzealous fans, who, in a long-standing concert ritual, storm the stage in hopes of a hug from Morrissey. I adore Morrissey, but I’d much rather tackle his hot bassist Solomon Walker. That guy is sex personifed.
  • Remember that intimate record-shop gig Radiohead had planned to do in London yesterday? Well, 1,500 fans showed up. The band moved the show to a club to accomodate the crowd. Watch the gig on YouTube.
  • “Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has started wearing his girlfriend’s bras – in order to protect his ‘sore nipples.'”(Showbiz Spy)
  • Will there be a rematch of Oasis vs. Blur…on an episode of The Weakest Link?
  • Blur bassist Alex James has done a documentary for BBC on cocaine trafficking.(The Sun)
  • Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand explains why the band selected Brian Higgins of Xenomania – the producers of Girls Aloud and Cher‘s “Believe” – to work on their new album. “I guess we saw a bit of ourselves in him. When he and Xenomania first appeared, they seemed like cantankerous rebels, kicking against everything around them, coming up with great pop tunes. That appealed to us.”(Daily Record)
  • The Guardian‘s Caroline Sullivan looks for ways to make the BRIT Awards more credible. “It has not escaped the organizers’ notice that some sectors of the public believe the BRIT Awards to be a sham ceremony that rewards advertising spending not artistic merit. A popular school of thought contends that the results are decided by a secret major-label cabal whose mission is to give every award to their own acts while stopping genuine talent getting so much as a nomination. How else would you account for Mika being up for three awards while Patrick Wolf doesn’t get a single mention?”
  • Calvin Harris is a bit “miffed” that he didn’t get a BRIT nomination.(Mirror)
  • They may not have scored a BRIT nomination, but the boys of The Enemy have won XFM’s New Music Award.(Gigwise)
  • Klaxons have hired Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti and hip-hop producer Focus to work on their follow-up to Myths of the Near Future.(NME)
  • After reports that husband Blake Fielder-Civil plans to divorce her, Amy Winehouse has rushed to visit him in jail.(Daily Mail)
  • The many hairdos (and hairdon’ts) of Amy Winehouse.(Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.