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  • Boy George says Amy Winehouse “reminds me of myself in the early days of Culture Club. She really inspired me to sing again. For me, the measure of a great singer is whether they make me cry. I love George Michael’s voice but he never made me cry. Amy makes it sound effortless, but she’s not faking it. It comes down to a complete package, feeling it, doing it, living it.”(Telegraph)

  • The TimesNick Kent, in one of the most illuminating articles on the singer yet, asks, “Does Amy Winehouse actually know what she’s doing to her career?” His answer: “Possibly not…It’s quite possible that she lacks the ego and ambition to carry the demanding role of global superstar. In the meantime, all these pressures have burst into her life – along with all the attention – and her first reaction is to self-medicate herself. It’s not entirely unexpected. People who get into hard drugs inevitably start out searching for some sort of inner illumination, only to wind up confronting oblivion. This, it seems, is where she is right now.”
  • Jon Pareles of the New York Times gives his take on Winehouse’s “crack” video: “Perhaps Ms. Winehouse misunderstood what should be clear in the age of the Internet: Everything recorded can be duplicated and distributed. And possibly the video was, in its own bleary way, a kind of performance. She is keeping her audience informed if not exactly entertained. Mostly, however, she’s just supplying material for the sphere of celebrity interaction that only wants to see idols torn down. Her fans – those of us who believe she has more superb songs yet to write – would prefer she grow less visible and considerably more boring.”
  • Mitch Winehouse wants his daughter under 24-hour surveillance, sources tell The Sun.
  • Winehouse’s brunette beehive is back and higher than ever.(Daily Mail)
  • During a show last night, British Sea Power cornet player Phil Sumner was injured after falling 12 feet on stage. NME reports that he “climbed an amp stack during the band’s performance of ‘A Rock’ during the encore, then he decided to jump off. He landed on his chin and was knocked out and cut.”
  • Here’s the tracklisting for the new Guillemots album. (Gigwise)
  • The Independent shows how drum ‘n’ bass still lives on, a decade after its peak.
  • Popjustice talks to Saint Etienne frontwoman Sarah Cracknell.
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By Kevin Wicks
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