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  • Photos of Billie Piper and Laurence Fox‘s star-studded New Year’s Eve wedding have been released. Piper’s former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant showed up in a wine-colored crushed velvet suit. Does he think he’s Prince or something?(BBC)

  • Retired chat show host Michael Parkinson is now SirMichael Parkinson, having received a knighthood in thisyear’s New Year Honours. And in a surprisingdevelopment, Kylie Minogue (!) has been named anOBE for her services in music. Check out the BBC’s handy guide to what the New YearHonours mean.
  • The Sun reports that Paul McCartney underwent coronary angioplasty surgery after complaining of discomfort.
  • Heather Mills is reportedly furious over Paul’s expensive Christmas gifts to daughterBeatrice.(Daily Mail)
  • Sting goes bobbing for corn between wife Trudie Styler‘s toes.(Daily Mail)
  • Madonna has been awarded full custody of David Banda – and celebrated by spending New Year’s in India with the whole clan.(Hello!)
  • A bizarre love triangle has taken over Strictly ComeDancing.(Daily Mail)
  • Will 2008 beget a more sober Kate Moss?(Mirror)
  • “She has certainly been accused of miming before. Soperhaps paying homage to Marcel Marceau was indeedfitting. Whatever the reason behind it, VictoriaBeckham‘s attire and pale-faced appearance drew gaspsas she left a New Year’s Eve party in the early hoursof this morning.”(Daily Mail)
  • “Sexual terrorist” Russell Brand has won back-to-back Shagger of the Yearhonors from The Sun‘s Bizarre Awards.
  • Joan Rivers and Matt Lucas are expected to join thisseason’s Celebrity Big Brother. So why are producers afraid this season will be a snooze?(Daily Mail)
  • Actor Stephen Mangan – who played arrogant doc GuySecretan on Green Wing – talks to The Independent abouthis predilection for “unpleasant characters.” “Fromwhere do I access this deep well of unpleasantness?It’s probably the thing I most fear becoming. It’salmost a way of exorcising it.”
  • Comedian Billy Connolly was in a car crash in ruralScotland this weekend, but he thankfully escapedinjury, according to Chortle.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber will appear on Hollyoaks.(The Stage)

  • Off the Telly names DoctorWho and The Thick Of It the best showsof the year.
  • Daniel Radcliffe is set to play Dan Eldon, a photographer stoned to death in Somalia. He beat out older, more established actors like Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix (!). (Contact Music)
  • In The Daily Telegraph, Sir RichardAttenborough opens up about losing his daughter andgranddaughter in the 2004 tsunami. “The pain doesn’tdiminish. But what does happen is that you assemblearmor, an ability to compartmentalize your grief, putit in a place that you can revisit when you choose.Also you learn to place it in juxtaposition withpositive memories. We had 50 happy years with Jane,and 14 with Lucy. So you can suddenly recall joy. Itis available. You just have to reach down into yourmemory to find it.”
  • ITV has dropped Sunday episodes of Coronation Street and Emmerdale in a massive schedule overhaul.(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.