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  • The story for Ashes To Ashes was being set up in the Life On Mars finale, reveals producer Jane Featherstone in today’s Independent. Ashes To Ashes opens “in modern-day London, where Alex Drake has been investigating the tape handed over to the police by Sam Tyler in the final episode of Life on Mars. ‘All that tape business in the final episode [recording instances of Gene Hunt’s alleged professional misconduct] was deliberate because we knew by then that we were already going to be making Ashes to Ashes,’ reveals Featherstone.”

  • British acting gods Daniel Day-Lewis and Julie Christie continue their march to Oscar gold with wins at the SAG Awards.(BBC)
  • The Guardian‘s Killian Fox ponders why Terry Gilliam has had so much bad luck with films. Gilliam’s latest film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, was derailed last week by the death of its star, Heath Ledger.
  • Rhydian tells Hello! Magazine he’s dating Julia Carta, Simon Cowell‘s makeup artist. “I fancied her when we were making the show,” he says. “She’s half-Spanish and very beautiful, with dark hair and olive skin. I was also attracted to her because of her lovely personality. She was very supportive and gave me little tips and words of encouragement. We’re gradually getting to know one another properly and I’m very happy. She’s 12 years older than me, but that’s fine with us both.” Sounds like our rough ‘n’ ready Rhydian is a cougar hunter…(Daily Mail)
  • Daniel Radcliffe has split from Laura O’Toole, whom he met on the set of Equus.(Daily Mail)
  • Steve Coogan is reportedly getting serious with restaurant heiress China Chow, daughter of Tina Chow, according to The Daily Mail.
  • Keira Knightley poses as Twiggy for a Canadian magazine. At least she has her kit on this time.(Daily Mail)
  • Meet the new 3am girls, slaggier than the old 3am girls. In their opening manifesto, they promise to bring “more fizz than might be found at Kate Moss‘ birthday party, more sparkle than 50 Cent‘s bling, and more oomph than Amy Winehouse‘s beehive. Like a pair of Duracell Bunnies, we plan to give Sarah Harding a run for her money in the party-stamina stakes. Not until the last drop of champagne has been quaffed, the final canapé consumed, and the red carpet rolled up will we leave the party.”
  • Video: Little Britain star David Walliams as Frankie Howerd.(Mirror)
  • Writer Anthony Horowitz reveals his decades-old love affair with James Bond.(Telegraph)
  • UK viewers will be able to watch Sir Ian McKellen‘s acclaimed performance as King Lear on telly.(The Stage)
  • A BBC NEWS reporter was held at gunpoint while filming a news report in Liverpool. “I didn’t think any city in this country was Disneyland before I did this piece, but I was quite shocked at the level of aggression and the pockets of violence in some areas.”(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.